Woonsocket third grade mix learning and football

By Jessica Bruce

Not everyone looks forward to the Super Bowl, but in third grade it is such a highlight to the year! On Friday, many role models came to the school to surprise the third grade students and assist in various academic activities to review skills. The parents helped to keep this event a secret from the kids because the looks of surprise are so very priceless! The third grade class entered the gym to hear instructions for the day, and they were met with a loved one or role model who would partner with them to read about Super Bowl information or play football-based math activities to review skills being practiced in the classroom. The students chose the task they wanted to complete and after it was successfully completed, the student got to take a prize for the accomplishment. 

To complete our day, we had to end it with snacks, of course. Parents donated snacks to end the celebration! The day was a huge success, which was solidified with all the chatter amongst the kids about the day being so much fun and even comments of wishing the learning time would have lasted longer so they could do more activities! That’s definitely a “Super Bowl” win from a teacher’s standpoint!

This event could not be so successful every year without the help of all the parents, loved ones and volunteer role models who step up and help make the activities fun for all the kids.

…See pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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