NOTICE OF APPLICATION NO. 8848-3 to construct and place to beneficial use water reserved by future use permit No. 5209-3

Notice is given that Kingbrook Rural Water System, 302 East Ash Street, Arlington, SD 57212 has filed an application for a water permit to construct and place to beneficial use 1,100 acre-feet of water annually at a maximum pump rate of 2.6 cubic feet of water per second from up to four wells to be completed into the Spirit Lake Management unit of the Vermillion East Fork Aquifer (approximately 110 feet deep) located in the N 1/2 Section 6-T111N-R56W.  The water was appropriated and reserved by Future Use Permit No. 5209-3. This notice also identifies the revised naming of water appropriated and reserved under Future Use Permit No. 5209-3 as being from the Spirit Lake Management unit of the Vermillion East Fork Aquifer. The water will be used to supply the Kingbrook Rural Water System which serves users in Beadle, Clark, Kingsbury, Lake, Miner, McCook, Hamlin, and Sanborn counties.  This site is located approximately 5 miles northwest of De Smet, S.D.  

Pursuant to SDCL 46-2A-2, the Chief Engineer recommends APPROVAL of Application No. 8848-3 because 1) Future Use Permit No. 5209-3 reserved the water for future use by Kingbrook Rural Water System, 2) the proposed diversion can be developed without unlawful impairment of existing domestic water uses and water rights, 3) the proposed use is a beneficial use and 4) it is in the public interest as it pertains to matters of public interest within the regulatory authority of the Water Management Board.  The Chief Engineer’s recommendation with qualifications, the application, and staff report are available at or contact Ron Duvall for this information, or other information, at the Water Rights Program address provided below.  

Any person interested in opposing this application or recommendation shall allege that the application, upon approval, will cause injury to the person that is unique from any injury suffered by the public in general. The injury must concern a matter either within the regulatory authority found in SDCL 46-2A-9 for approval or denial of the application, or other matter concerning the application within the regulatory authority of the board to act upon as defined by SDCL 46-2-9 and 46-2-11, or both. Any person meeting the petitioner requirements and wishing to be a party of record in a contested case hearing shall file a written petition to oppose the application with BOTH the applicant and Chief Engineer. A petition opposing the application shall be filed on a form provided by the Chief Engineer. The petition form is available online at or by contacting the Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer’s address is “Water Rights Program, Foss Building, 523 E Capitol, Pierre SD 57501” or call (605) 773-3352. The applicant’s mailing address is given above. If contesting the Chief Engineer’s recommendation, the applicant shall also file a petition. A petition filed by either an interested person or the applicant must be filed by June 24, 2024.

The petition shall include a statement describing the unique injury upon approval of the application on the petitioner, the petitioner’s reasons for opposing the application, and the name and mailing address of the petitioner or the petitioner’s legal counsel, if legal counsel is obtained.  

Any interested person may file a comment on the application with the Chief Engineer. The comment shall be filed on a form provided by the Chief Engineer and is available online at or by calling (605) 773-3352 or writing the Chief Engineer at the address provided above. Filing a comment does not make the commenter a party of record or a participant in any hearing that may be held. Any comment must be filed by June 24, 2024.

If the applicant does not contest the recommendation of the Chief Engineer and no petition to oppose the application is received, the Chief Engineer shall act on the application pursuant to the recommendation with no hearing held before the Water Management Board.  If a petition opposing the application or contesting the recommendation is filed, then a hearing will be scheduled, and the Water Management Board will consider this application.  Notice of the hearing will be given to the applicant and any person filing a petition.

Published once on June 13, 2024, at the total approximate cost of $48.25 and may be viewed free of charge at

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