To the Editor,
My cousin, Raeburn Grassel Moore, sent me a copy of the Sanborn Weekly Journal  of March 30 with the article and pictures of the quilts made in Sanborn County in 1913.  Raeburn pointed out that both our grandmothers and mother and aunts had signatures on the blocks in the quilts.
I took the paper to our families’ Easter dinner and showed the article to the families of four of our children who live in Minnesota. They were interested in the amazing article and the pictures of the quilts.  One of our sons took an enlarged picture of our relatives’ signatures and emailed them to our other four children and their families in Vermont, Montana, North Carolina and D.C.
I lived in Woonsocket with my parents, Matt and Lorinda Roache, until I was 12 years old and attended St. Joseph’s School.
Kathleen Krumholz

I read with interest and agreement on Noel Hamiel’s recent article about poetry and its current versions in publications. Some poems have become popular songs—for example, Badger Clark’s “Round up Lullaby”.
I am including a poem I wrote after watching a meteor shower with three little granddaughters. The sonnet was written by my daughter when she was in school. The location is by the stagecoach trail along the James River from Huron to Mitchell and on to Yankton.
This is the route Laura and Almonzo Wilder went on their way to Missouri. It wasn’t noted in her journal she wrote along the way because the building was no longer there. Some of the sandstones were used to build the house across the river.
Respectively submitted by
Evelyn Walters,

A Celestial Phenomenon
We got up in the middle of the night
To see a phenomenal shower from a meteorite.
The moon was just a sliver and gave no light,
The sky was perfect to view the sight.
They came in singles, pairs and groups
And left light in streaks and loop-to-loops.
We watched a while through the glass doors.
It was way to early to do chores.
Someone got dressed and went outside in the dark,
To get a getter look at every firecracker like spark.
Comets flew across the sky in every direction,
Too far from earth to make a connection.
Some fluttered and fell like a leaf in the breeze
Or left big, long tails over the trees.
One streak was wide and exceptionally long,
You’d think to a jet, it did belong.
Also visible were all of the stars.
The Big Dipper, Orion and even Mars.
Then in the still and silence way above the ground,
Came a faint squawking, honking wild goose sound.
The closer they came the louder it got,
All of those meteors would delay them not.
Then they passed and the silent night returned.
And one by one each and every meteor burned,
The little lights like candles went out.
Before going back to bed, we all gave a shout!
What took place in the sky that mild cool November night,
Really was an awesome sight!
By Evelyn Walters
Nov. 18, 2001

Memories of Old
Where a stage once rode,
Today only indentations remain
Of many a man in the train—
Fighting Indians along the road.

Fertile farmland soon sowed
Of fine crops of milo, corn and cane.
Grass rippling as a horse’s mane,
As the wind blows over the hills of old.

Around a cross designating God,
O! How beautiful a sight to behold
As the cross stands in water—golden rod!
The cross, sculpt of granite, now old.

Many a year has passed,
Memories of a trail long last.

Marlene Walters,
(The cross in the poem is located six miles north of Mitchell along the James River.)

The 2017 legislative session has ended and there were some things accomplished that should be of interest to our district.  The appropriations process is complex and I was fortunate to have some house and senate members help bring me somewhat up to speed on how state government funds all programs.
A balanced budget was achieved by making some spending cuts to allow for a 0.3 percent raise to teachers’ salaries and healthcare workers.  This consumed the final days of the season and was a great learning experience for me.
IM22 bills were passed after the repeal of the initiated measure approved by voters last fall.  Laws are now on the books that deal IM22 such as restrictings gift from lobbyists, providing protections for public employee whistleblowers, and provisions for a state government accountability board.  There will be further study and recommendations brought forward to the 2018 legislature on campaign finance and possibly some other aspects of the repealed law.
The governor has signed into law the protections for faith-based and child placement agencies.  The law provides for more options for adoption and foster care.  Amendments were made to the bill before passage that required a child placement agency to have in place a written policy, statement of faith or other document adhered to by the child placement agency.  The agency is further required to provide in writing information advising an applicant of the Department of Social Services website and a list of licensed child placement agencies with contact information.
I am grateful for the support I have received from many of you and look forward to your comments and suggestions for the next legislative year.