Sanborn County schools honor Veterans Day

Local veterans, Harry and Delbert Northrup, greet and accept the personal thanks from each of the Sanborn Central School students and their teachers at the Veterans Day program on Monday morning.

On Monday, Nov. 11, Sanborn Central and Woonsocket Schools held Veterans Day programs to honor all veterans in our county and around the country. Sanborn Central presented their program in the morning and started with a welcome from Supt. Justin Siemsen and then a beautiful performance of the Star Spangled Banner by Dayton Easton. Samantha Dean then gave an explanation of how Veterans Day was created, and she played a couple of meaningful videos to explain what Veterans Day means and should mean to people all over the country.

The Woonsocket School’s program took place in the afternoon and started with the color guard from the American Legion Post 29 from Woonsocket posting the flags and the entire audience saying the Pledge of Allegiance. The media class followed with an introductory video they put together with people of different ages explaining what Veterans Day means to them. Supt. Rod Weber then gave a welcome and had all veterans in attendance come forward to the gym floor and introduce themselves and tell a little bit about their service, such as in what branch and how long they served and when they served. 

…Read more and see more pictures of the programs in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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