New librarian takes over Woonsocket School and Community Library

Tracey Steele is the newly hired community and school librarian for the Woonsocket Library.

With the resignation of the most recent librarian in Woonsocket, a position needed to be filled quickly to take the lead with the organization of the annual summer reading program that is implemented through the South Dakota State Library. So, Tracey Steele stepped into the position and has gotten things started for the summer.

Steele and her family live in Forestburg. Her husband, David, just recently accepted a teaching position at Sanborn Central for the next school year. She is also the mother of three boys, Brighten, a 2022 graduate from Sanborn Central, Carter, a junior, and Hayden, a fifth grader, both at Sanborn Central.

An experienced education paraprofessional, Steele has worked at Sanborn Central, Huron and most recently in Woonsocket for a cumulative number of nine years total before becoming the current Woonsocket Librarian. Steele said she applied for the librarian’s job because she likes working with kids and wanted to work with a wider age range of kids than she had been, so becoming the librarian was the perfect opportunity to be able to work with kids from pre-school to high school ages. Some people may recognize Steele from her working as a cashier at Woony Foods grocery store. Because of her broad area of work experience, she is familiar with working with children and adults, which will only be beneficial for her in the position as a librarian for both the school and the community in Woonsocket.

…Read and see pictures about the summer reading program’s kickoff in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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