Sanborn County 2022 Shooting Sports Awards Night held

Sanborn County 4-H held their fifth annual Sanborn County Shooting Sports Award Event on Nov. 6 at the 4-H Grounds in Forestburg. The night started with safety training for the 2023 season followed by a light supper. 4-H Shooting Sports participants were recognized for their accomplishments.      

Certificates of participation were awarded to:

Beginners – Paige Anderson (Air Pistol, BB Gun, CWOS), George Broer (Air Pistol, BB Gun), Wyatt Ettswold (Air Pistol, BB Gun, CWOS-R, CWS-R), Camdyn Fink (Air Pistol, BB Gun), Garret Goral (CWS, CWS-R), Paul Hansen (Air Pistol, BB Gun), Levi Hinker (Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun), Anna Hunter (Air Pistol), Kahle Johnson (Air Pistol, BB Gun), Trevor Johnson (BB Gun), Timothy Kelly (Air Pistol, BB Gun), Addison Kilcoin (Air Pistol, BB Gun, CWS-R), Elsie Klaas (CWOS), Yael Martinez (BB Gun), Ethan McGuire (BB Gun), Carson Miller (BB Gun), Ridley Miller (BB Gun, Air Pistol), Memphis Moody (CWOS), Colton Nelson (BB Gun), Baylee Rostyne (Air Pistol, BB Gun, CWS-R), Coletan Schlicht (BB Gun), SJ Schlicht (Air Pistol, BB Gun), Gavin Scofield (BB Gun, CWOS), Shiloh Terkildsen (CWS-R), Adalyn Tucker (CWS), Brody Uecker (BB Gun), Kelly Wilson (BB Gun, CWS-R), and Jackson Wolter (BB Gun);

Juniors – Alex Anderson (Air Rifle, BB Gun), Ty Burkel (Air Rifle, BB Gun), Tyson Eddy (CWOS), Parker Ettswold (Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS-R, C-Open), Waverley Hagman (CWOS-R, CWS-R), Samuel Hansen (Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS, RWOS, RWS), Sophie Kelly (BB Gun), Riley Kneen (CWS-R, RWOS), Hayden Mees (CWS-R, C-Open), Tanse Moody (Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS, CWS-R, RWS), Teagen Moody (Air Rifle), Shiloh Senska (Air Pistol, CWS-R, RWOS), Kyla Terkildsen (CWS-R), and Cole Wilson (BB Gun, CWS-R);

Seniors – Devyn Brooks (Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 3-P, 22 CMP), Dilyn Brooks (Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 3-P, 22 CMP), Lane Burkel (Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun), Carter Christian (CWOS, CWOS-R, CWS, CWS-R, C-Open, RWOS, RWS), Shania Cornelius (CWS-R), Eli Fry (Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, CWS-R, RWS), Westin Hagman (CWOS-R, CWS-R, C-Open), Whitney Hagman (CWOS, CWOS-R, CWS-R), Mary Catherine Hansen (CWS, RWOS), Charles Hunter (Air Pistol, Air Rifle), Zachary Jones (Air Pistol, 22 Pistol), Caleb Kneen (CWOS, CWS-R, RWOS), Toby Kneen (CWS-R, RWOS, RWS, RWOS), Avery Miller (BB Gun), Alex Schelske (Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB Gun, 22 3-P, 22 Pistol, 22 CMP), Dana Schelske (Air Pistol, Air Rifle, 22 3-P, 22 Pistol, 22 CMP), and Payton Uecker (Air Rifle, BB Gun).

…Read on and see pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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