Celebrating 50 years of service and 88 years in Woonsocket

First National Bank South Dakota is proud to be celebrating 50 years in business serving Yankton, Mitchell, Huron, Woonsocket and surrounding communities.
Many things have changed over the years, including the name of the bank, but many things have not, like the customers and employees who make the bank what it is today. The Woonsocket business tradition was established 88 years ago in 1924 as Sanborn County Bank.
Although the bank is celebrating the 50th anniversary locally it is part of a much bigger picture that dates back 150 years with the founding of First National Bank of Nebraska. First National Bank South Dakota is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska, a multi-state holding company located in the heart of downtown Omaha.
With over $18 billion in managed assets, one of the 50 largest banks in the United States and the largest private family owned bank in the nation, the affiliate banks of First National of Nebraska serve over 6.6 million customers with more than 90 banking locations in Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas.
First National Bank South Dakota has come a long way in 50 years, from one small bank location with three employees, to four banking locations with 99 employees. In addition to the four community banks, First National Service Center located in Yankton also known as First Bank Card Center, employs over 200 people and continues to grow. Not only have their banking services expanded through the years, First National Bank South Dakota also offers insurance, investments and trust services. First National Bank South Dakota gives credit to the loyal customers that have helped the bank become a leading financial institution in South Dakota. Providing quality products and superior services is their mission statement heading into the future of the ever changing banking industry.
Today First National Bank South Dakota is active in the Woonsocket community raising money for United Way and Relay for Life, delivering Meals-on-Wheels and playing cards and helping with activities at the local nursing home.
First National Bank South Dakota employees continue to work hard and remain dedicated. These devoted employees form the foundation that has led First National Bank South Dakota to the success it is today. First National Bank South Dakota recogizes the following employees for their many years of dedication:
Laverla Eilers – 22 years;
Peggy Baysinger – 22 years;
Laura Weisz – 24 years;
Pam Bye – 24 years;
Al Schumacher – 24 years;
Joleen Smith – 25 years;
Teresa Kokesh – 25 years;
Karen Gedstad – 26 years;
Renee Niehus – 28 years;
Phyllis Hunhoff – 35 years;
Deb Boschee – 38 years;
Joyce Weber – 51 years.
First National Bank South Dakota is proud to be a part of the Woonsocket community. They owe great success to loyal customers and dedicated employees, and are committed to serving Woonsocket and the surrounding area for many years to come.
Come celebrate on Oct. 24 at First National Bank South Dakota, 505 West 7th Street, Woonsocket, to commemorate 50 years of excellence and 88 years of business tradition.  See this newspaper for details.

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