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y Owen Anderson, County Executive Director, Sanborn/Jerauld County Office
Which NRCS Office Should I Use? All Jerauld County FSA files were moved to Sanborn County with the closure of the Jerauld County FSA Office. Participants are being allowed to transfer to other FSA offices that are more convenient for them. The majority elected not to transfer. Those that transferred went mostly to Aurora, Beadle, Brule/Buffalo and Hand.
Where should participants go to do their NRCS work? NRCS work should be done in the NRCS County Office where the land in question is administered by FSA. What do we mean by administered? Land is administered where you report your acres for that land. The admin office is responsible for almost all FSA and NRCS actions for that land.
Participants who have transferred land to Beadle FSA to be administered should initiate their NRCS business in the Beadle County NRCS office. If the Beadle County NRCS needs to consult or work with the NRCS staff in Jerauld County they will do so. The same would be true for anyone who transferred land to other FSA offices.
Jerauld participants who chose to stay in the Sanborn/Jerauld County Office are handled differently for NRCS business. These participants are still considered to be administered by Jerauld FSA because we are the Sanborn/Jerauld County FSA Office and since the Jerauld County NRCS office remains open and fully staffed in Wessington Springs they will continue to be the responsible NRCS office for any land administered by Sanborn/Jerauld FSA.  Sanborn County land administered in Sanborn/Jerauld is not affected.
If you somehow manage to wind up in the wrong NRCS office the NRCS staff will still try to help and get you pointed in the right direction, but the work will have to be done by the appropriate office.
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