Baruth family receives Century Farms Award at State Fair

Pictured are: Rob and Melissa Baruth, Lisa and Corey Baruth with son Henry, Roger Baruth; front row: Jaycee, McKenzie, Addyson and Samuel Baruth.

The Baruth Family of Alpena was one of the recipient’s of the Century Farms award at the South Dakota State Fair on Aug. 29. The award is sponsored by the South Dakota Farm Bureau and the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.
Their current farm was homesteaded in 1893 by their great-great-grandparents and has been passed down five generations to the current owners, Roger, Corey and Rob Baruth (Baruth Farms). Corey and Rob are the fifth generation working and living on the farm.
“It is such a great honor and award,” said Corey Baruth. “We had a lot of fun going through the old documents and info and recalling a lot of good stories from Mom and Dad and our grandparents and great-grandparents. It’s hard to believe that the farm has been in our family for 121 years.”
His brother, Rob, adds, “Farming is more than a business. It is a way of life to our families.” We are excited for the future of our family farm.  Corey and I both have kids that love the farm and we are looking forward to raising them on the farm and passing it along to them when they are ready.
The families now on the farm are: Roger and (the late Tena) Baruth, Corey and Lisa Baruth and their son, Henry, and Rob and Melissa Baruth and their children, Jaycee, McKenzie, Addyson and Samuel.

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