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By Owen Anderson, County Executive Director, Sanborn/Jerauld County Office
Note of Appreciation to the True Dakotan and Sanborn Weekly Journal. FSA issues news releases that come from the national office in Washington, D.C., from the state office in Huron and locally such as this one from the Sanborn/Jerauld County Office in Woonsocket. FSA is grateful to both the True Dakotan and the Sanborn Weekly Journal for their willingness to make space and print these releases to get information out to the ag community. Thank you.
Go-Green: Some producers have signed up to receive national and state news releases by e-mail. Eventually I hope to use the “go-green” process to issue local FSA news and monthly newsletters. In the mean time, the True Dakotan and the Sanborn Weekly Journal are the sole sources for reading local releases.
Monthly Newsletters and Gov-Delivery: Remember when FSA used to put out a monthly newsletter? We do. It was a lot of work to write, edit, print, fold, stuff and address envelopes the old fashioned way. We quit doing that because they were time consuming and expensive. Without a newsletter we have relied heavily on news releases carried by the True Dakotan and the Sanborn Weekly Journal.
FSA has now developed the “Gov-Delivery” system to send electronic newsletters via e-mail to anyone who signs up for it. I assume that anyone who signed up for “Go-Green” wants to get a monthly newsletter via “Gov-Delivery.” If you haven’t signed up you can call the office (605-796-4476 ext. 2) to provide your e-mail address.
The newsletter will contain some of the same info found in local news releases over the previous month along with updates.
    “USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.”

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