Haunted house scares the masks off trick-or-treaters

    Scenes from notorious horror flicks, along with some inherently spooky set ups, made up the sights and sounds of Woonsocket’s haunted house. The house of horrors was held in the upstairs of the Woonsocket City Hall building Halloween night and Friday night, Nov. 1.
Above, “madman” Rick Niles pretends to cut off Ashlynne Terkildsen’s arm in a macabre room full of surgical tools and prosthetics reminiscent of scenes from “Saw.”
At right, a seemingly benign child’s bedroom quickly becomes a scene straight out of Stephen King’s “It,” when a knife-wielding clown jumps out from behind a bookcase.
Other sights included a forest from “The Blair Witch Project,” a sinister-feeling supposed empty, dark living room with a snowy TV, witches, werewolves and “Halloween’s” Michael Myers eerily following guests around.
Cast for the haunted house included a number of Woonsocket High School students, teachers and community volunteers.

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