Pickup seized in Cyriacks investigation


The Sanborn County Sheriff’s office seized the pickup the missing Woonsocket woman may have been driving, but are still coming up empty in their search.
Rachel Cyriacks, now missing for over nine weeks, was originally reported to have been driving a silver 1995 Chevrolet Silverado pickup, which she and her husband, Brad Cyriacks, had both used. The pickup had been located in Huron at the place Brad was living, but was not seized until after the new year.
While a forensics team went through the pickup, officers noticed a significant amount of damage to the undercarriage, prompting law enforcement to ask that people in rural Beadle, Sanborn and Davison counties check their property for damage to fences, fields or secondary roads.
It is unknown if the damage is related to Cyriacks’ disappearance or coincidental, but law enforcement are hoping to find out if it’s associated.
The Office of the Attorney General also released new pictures of Cyriacks, showing identifying tattoos on her left arm and neck, along with a photo of the pickup.
The Sanborn County Sheriff’s office plans are to continue following up on every tip they receive. They are urging citizens to check their property and report anything unusual.

THE SILVER 1995 Chevy pickup that was originally reported Cyriacks may have been driving at the time of her disappearance was located in Huron early on in the investigation. It has now been seized and is being held by authorities.

Police have conducted numerous interviews and searches, but have had very little to go on. They’ve been unable to narrow down their investigation area, which could span three counties.
Cyriacks, 30, has been missing since Nov. 13, when she was last seen at her temporary job at Performance Pet Products in Mitchell. She is 5-foot 5-inches tall, 140 pounds with blondish-brown hair, hazel eyes and numerous tattoos. She was reported missing by family members on Dec. 16.
The Sanborn and Beadle county sheriff’s offices, Huron Police Department, state Division of Criminal Investigation and state parole agents have been assisting in the search for Cyriacks.
If anyone has any information that may be of interest to the investigation, please call the Sanborn County Sheriff’s office at 605-796-4511 or the Huron Police Department at 605-353-8550.

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