St. Wilfrid Church construction project

Church basement 064 Work is steadily continuing on the St. Wilfrid Church basement and support pillar project that was begun in December of 2013. The project is being split into three separate phases.
Phase one, which is now substantially completed, centered around removing the existing footings in the basement and replacing them with steel columns on new footings. These footings provided the foundation for the concrete pillars that support the main floor of the church. The larger main support pillars that hold up the superstructure of the church are also being refaced.
The second phase of the project involves removing the existing tile floor, jack-hammering out the original concrete floor and replacing the entire basement floor with new concrete. New drain tile and sumps will be installed that should minimize water damage to the floor in the future.
As of today, the floor tile has been removed, as well as the old concrete, with work on the new floor to begin soon.
The final phase will involve resurfacing the exterior walls, finishing the new concrete floor with an appropriate sealant and installing a new ceiling throughout the entire finished basement area. Plans are currently being drawn up and cost estimates being sought for this phase, which will include the installation of handicap accessible bathrooms and a completely redone kitchen area.
Todd O. Brueske Construction of Woonsocket is the general contractor for phases one and two of the project, with parish members providing a substantial amount of the labor during the demolition and tear-down part of the project.
Church basement 091Once bids are received for phase three, final determinations will be made as to plans, and a timeline firmed up on completion of the rest of the project.
St. Wilfrid Catholic Church has been serving the Catholic faithful in the Woonsocket and surrounding area for more than 100 years dating back to 1884. The present church has been casting its shadow over the city of Woonsocket and surrounding prairie for nearly 100 years, not only serving its Catholic community but also as a home for numerous inter-denominational weddings, funerals and family get-togethers.
The total projected cost of this renovation is currently estimated to be in excess of $500,000 and completion of the project will rest heavily in the hands of generous contributors. If you would like to help with this worthwhile project, checks can be made out to St. Wilfrid Renovation Fund and can be mailed to: St. Wilfrid Catholic Church, PO Box 266, Woonsocket, SD 57385.
The church will also soon have a link on their Web site that will outline how you can help as well. In the meantime, questions on how you can help with this project can be directed to Father Jim Friedrich at 605-796-4666 or Jeff Tiede at 605-796-4195.

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