County Achievement Days results

Results from the 2016 Sanborn County Achievement Days are in!
Earning Special Honors with a “Best of Show”:
Child Development:  Noah Wormstadt; Clothing:  Kara Wormstadt; Electrical:  Brooklyn Swenson; Food Preservation:  Allison Britton; Foods & Nutrition:  Allison Britton, Aaron Linke; Home Environment:  Austin Schmit; Horticulture:  Aaron Linke; Miscellaneous:  Xavier Baysinger; Photography:  Dilyn Brooks, Banion Niles; Visual Arts:  Lane Burkel, Sutton Senska.
The results from static exhibits and livestock are as follows:
Child Development:
Purple: Carver Lindsey, Kenlie Fridley, Kara Wormstadt, Noah Wormstadt (2);
Blue: Banion Niles, Kara Wormstadt.
Purple: Hope Baysinger (2), Allison Britton, Tyler Eddy, Tyson Eddy, Bailey Feistner, Keaton Fridley, Kenlie Fridley, Ashlee Hanson, Michael  Hoffman, Victoria Hoffman, Alexis Kelly (2), Megan Linke, Collin Schmiedt, Morgan Schmiedt, Riley Schmiedt, Kaitlyn Swenson, Payton Uecker, Kara Wormstadt, Ty Ziebart, Delaney Zoss;
Blue: Ashlee Hanson, Dean Hanson, Alexis Kelly, Bethany Niles, Kara Wormstadt.
Purple: Emily Ohlrogge.
Community Service:
Purple: Emma Niles.
Computers & Technology:
Purple: Emily Ohlrogge.
Conservation, Soils & Stewardship:
Purple: Kyle Clarambeau;
Blue: Banion Niles, Bethany Niles.
Consumer Education:
Purple: Banion Niles;
Blue: Bethany Niles, Emma Niles.
Purple: Xavier Baysinger, Kyle Clarambeau, Nathan Linke, Evan Ohlrogge, Brooklyn Swenson.
Economics, Business & Marketing:
Purple: Shaun Snedeker.
Purple: Banion Niles.
Entomology & Bees:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Keaton Fridley, Blake Howard, Aubrey Senska.
Fashion Revue:
Purple: Hope Baysinger (2), Bailey Feistner, Ashlee Hanson (2), Dean Hanson, Victoria Hoffman, Alexis Kelly (3), Kara Wormstadt (2), Delaney Zoss.
First Aid (Health):
Purple: Evan Ohlrogge;
Blue: Banion Niles, Bethany Niles, Emma Niles.
Food Preservation:
Purple: Allison Britton (2), Dilyn Brooks, Aaron Linke (3), Nathan Linke (2), Alexis Kelly (5), Caleb Kneen, Toby Kneen, Brady Larson (2), Kara Wormstadt;
Blue: Alexis Kelly (2), Megan Linke, Noah Wormstadt.
Foods & Nutrition:
Purple: Hope Baysinger (3), Xavier Baysinger (3), Allison Britton (4), Devyn Brooks, Dilyn Brooks, Lane Burkel, Tyler Eddy (2), Tyson Eddy (2), Bailey Feistner, Wyatt Feistner, Blake Howard (3), Erica Howard (4), Alexis Kelly (4), Caleb Kneen, Toby Kneen, Brady Larson (3), Bryce Larson (3), Carver Lindsey (2), Taylor Lindsey (3), Aaron Linke (3), Megan Linke (2), Nathan Linke (2), Clay Moody (2), Cole Moody, Banion Niles, Bethany Niles, Emma Niles (2), Emily Ohlrogge (2), Clay Olinger, Evan Ohlrogge, Kade Olinger, Morgan Schmiedt, Aubrey Senska (2), Sawyer Senska, Sutton Senska, Kara Wormstadt (2), Noah Wormstadt (2), Taryn Ziebart;
Blue: Bailey Feistner, Alexis Kelly (3), Caleb Kneen, Toby Kneen, Brady Larson, Carver Lindsey, Banion Niles (3), Bethany Niles, Emma Niles, Kara Wormstadt;
Red: Alexis Kelly, Emma Niles.
Geology & Minerals:
Purple: Banion Niles, Bethany Niles, Emma Niles.
Purple: Bethany Niles;
Blue: Banion Niles.
Graphic Design:
Purple: Emily Ohlrogge (3);
Blue: Emily Ohlrogge.
Health & Safety:
Purple: Taylor Lindsey (2), Banion Niles, Nick Snedeker, Kara Wormstadt, Noah Wormstadt.
Hobbies & Collections:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Devyn Brooks, Lane Burkel, Kyle Clarambeau (2), Chloe Degen, Michael Hoffman, Blake Howard, Erica Howard, Elisha Schultz, Isaiah Schultz.
Home Environment:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Allison Britton (5), Dilyn Brooks (2), Chloe Degen (2), Tyson Eddy, Ellie Evans (4), Bailey Feistner, Dean Hanson, Brady Larson (3), Bryce Larson (3), Taylor Lindsey, Megan Linke (2), Sarah Morgan (2), Bethany Niles, Emily Ohlrogge (2), Kade Olinger, Morgan Schmiedt, Austin Schmit (4), Aubrey Senska, Sawyer Senska (2), Sutton Senska (2), Brooklyn Swenson, Kaitlyn Swenson, Payton Uecker (4), Trista White (4), Kara Wormstadt (6), Noah Wormstadt (4), Taryn Ziebart, Tristan Ziebart, Delaney Zoss;
Blue: Allison Britton (2), Devyn Brooks, Ellie Evans (2), Keaton Fridley (2), Kenlie Fridley, Dean Hanson, Michael Hoffman (2), Victoria Hoffman, Mariah Jost (2), Brady Larson, Bryce Larson (2), Carver Lindsey, Taylor Lindsey, Clay Moody, Banion Niles, Bethany Niles (2), Emma Niles, Emily Ohlrogge, Kara Wormstadt, Taryn Ziebart (2), Tristan Ziebart, Ty Ziebart, Delaney Zoss;
Red: Bethany Niles, Tristan Ziebart, Ty Ziebart.
Purple: Allison Britton, Alexis Kelly (4), Brady Larson, Bryce Larson, Aaron Linke (10), Megan Linke (8), Nathan Linke (10), Emily Ohlrogge;
Blue: Lane Burkel, Ashlee Hanson, Alexis Kelly (2), Caleb Kneen, Toby Kneen Aaron Linke (4), Megan Linke (3), Nathan Linke (5).
Pets – Small Animals:
Blue: Banion Niles.
Purple: Catherine Bechen (3), Dilyn Brooks (8), Devyn Brooks (2), Lane Burkel (5), Ashlee Hanson, Dean Hanson (2), Caleb Kneen, Toby Kneen (2), Megan Linke (3), Nathan Linke (4), Banion Niles (8), Emma Niles (4), Emily Ohlrogge (19), Evan Ohlrogge (3), Nick Snedeker, Shaun Snedeker, Brooklyn Swenson, Kaitlyn Swenson, Kara Wormstadt (3);
Blue: Catherine Bechen (3), Dilyn Brooks (3), Devyn Brooks (2), Lane Burkel, Ashlee Hanson (2), Dean Hanson, Caleb Kneen (2), Toby Kneen, Megan Linke (4), Nathan Linke (3), Emma Niles (3), Emily Ohlrogge (8), Evan Ohlrogge (2), Kaylee White, Kara Wormstadt.
Plant Science, Crops & Weeds:
Purple: Aaron Linke (2), Nathan Linke (3);
Blue: Aaron Linke (2), Nathan Linke.
Poultry & Eggs:
Purple: Hope Baysinger (5), Xavier Baysinger (5), Nathan Linke (2);
Blue: Xavier Baysinger.
Purple: Banion Niles, Emma Niles.
Sheep & Wool:
Purple: Xavier Baysinger.
Veterinary Science:
Purple: Emma Niles.
Visual Arts:
Purple: Hope Baysinger (4), Devyn Brooks (3), Dilyn Brooks (5), Lane Burkel (2), Chloe Degen, Ellie Evans, Bailey Feistner (2), Michael Hoffman, Victoria Hoffman, Mariah Jost, Caleb Kneen, Brady Larson, Bryce Larson, Carver Lindsey (3), Megan Linke, London Metzger, Acaiya Schultz, Aubrey Senska (2), Sawyer Senska (2), Sutton Senska (2), Kaitlyn Swenson, Trista White (4), Taryn Ziebart (2), Tristan Ziebart, Ty Ziebart, Delaney Zoss;
Blue: Bailey Feistner, Evan Ohlrogge, Tristan Ziebart.
Welding Science:
Purple: Dillon Moore
Wildlife & Fisheries:
Purple: Bethany Niles, Emma Niles.
Wood Science:
Purple: Xavier Baysinger, Tyler Eddy, Toby Kneen, Collin Schmiedt;
Blue: Michael Hoffman.
Writing & Public Speaking:
Purple: Lane Burkel, Nathan Linke (2),Bethany Niles, Emma Niles, Katie Schmit.
Breeding Beef:
Purple: Aaron Linke (2), Brady Larson, Bryce Larson (2), Kaylee White, Kyle Clarambeau, Morgan Schmiedt, Nathan Linke (3), Sawyer Senska, Sutton Senska (2), Tyler Eddy, Tyson Eddy, Hope Baysinger;
Blue: Kyle Clarambeau;
Grand Champion Breeding Beef: Aaron Linke.
Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Beef: Brady Larson.
Market Beef:
Purple: Camden Jost, Clay Olinger, Kade Olinger, Collin Schmiedt, Morgan Schmiedt, Aubrey Senska;
Blue: Sawyer Senska;
Grand Champion Market Beef: Kade Olinger;
Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef: Morgan Schmiedt;
Rate of Gain:  Kade Olinger;
Beginner Beef Showmanship:  Sutton Senska;
Reserve Beginner Beef Showmanship:  Bryce Larson;
Junior Beef Showmanship:  Tyler Eddy;
Reserve Junior Beef Showmanship: Morgan Schmiedt;
Senior Beef Showmanship:  Aaron Linke;
Reserve Senior Beef Showmanship: Nathan Linke.
Purple:     Catherine Bechen (2), Bailey Feistner (3), Braxton Gentles, Megan Linke (2), Nathan Linke (2);
Blue: Braxton Gentles;
Grand Champion Cat/Kitten: Nathan Linke;
Reserve Grand Champion Cat/Kitten: Bailey Feistner;
Junior Cat Showmanship:  Bailey Feistner;
Reserve Junior Cat Showmanship: Braxton Gentles and Megan Linke;
Senior Cat Showmanship:  Nathan Linke;
Reserve Senior Cat Showmanship: Catherine Bechen.
Companion Animal:
Purple: Dilyn Brooks, Bailey Feistner, Isaiah Schultz;
Blue: Devyn Brooks;
Grand Champion Companion Animal: Bailey Feistner;
Reserve Champion Companion Animal: Isaiah Schultz.
Dairy Cattle:
Purple: Alexander Schelske (2), Amber Schelske (2), Dana Schelske;
Grand Champion Dairy Cow: Dana Schelske;
Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Cow: Amber Schelske;
Beginner Dairy Showmanship: Alexander Schelske;
Junior Dairy Showmanship:  Dana Schelske;
Senior Dairy Showmanship:  Amber Schelske.
Purple: Dilyn Brooks (2), Charles Hunter (2);
Grand Champion Dog- Obedience:  Dilyn Brooks;
Grand Champion Dog – Rally: Charles Hunter.
Junior Dog Showmanship:  Charles Hunter;
Reserve Junior Dog Showmanship: Dilyn Brooks;
Breeding Meat Goat:
Purple: Hope Baysinger (3);
Blue: Sutton Senska, Delaney Zoss;
Grand Champion Breeding Meat Goat: Hope Baysinger;
Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Meat Goat: Hope Baysinger.
Dairy Goat:
Purple: Aubrey Senska (2);
Grand Champion Dairy Goat: Aubrey Senska;
Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Goat: Aubrey Senska.
Market/Meat Goat:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Sutton Senska, Payton Uecker (2), Delaney Zoss (3);
Blue: Hope Baysinger;
Grand Champion Meat Goat: Delaney Zoss;
Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat: Delaney Zoss;
Rate of Gain: Delaney Zoss;
Beginner Goat Showmanship: Delaney Zoss;
Reserve Beginner Goat Showmanship: Payton Uecker.
Purple: Hope Baysinger (18), Xavier Baysinger (20), Bailey Feistner (8), Wyatt Feistner (10), Alexis Kelly (3), Nathan Linke (5), Rex Schlicht (3), Spens Schlicht (6), Aubrey Senska (2), Sawyer Senska, Sutton Senska (9);
Blue: Hope Baysinger (4), Xavier Baysinger (5), Chloe Degen (2), Bailey Feistner (5), Wyatt Feistner (3), Nathan Linke, Rex Schlicht (4), Spens Schlicht (2), Aubrey Senska, Sawyer Senska, Sutton Senska;
Red: Hope Baysinger, Chloe Degen, Sawyer Senska;
Grand Champion Poultry:  Xavier Baysinger;
Reserve Grand Champion Poultry: Spens Schlicht;
Beginner Poultry Showmanship: Hope Baysinger;
Reserve Beginner Showmanship: Sutton Senska;
Junior Poultry Showmanship: Xavier Baysinger;
Reserve Junior Poultry Showmanship: Bailey Feistner;
Senior Poultry Showmanship: Nathan Linke;
Reserve Senior Poultry Showmanship: Wyatt Feistner.
Purple: Dilyn Brooks, Acaiya Schultz;
Blue: Devyn Brooks, Dilyn Brooks, Isaiah Schultz;
Grand Champion Rabbit:  Acaiya Schultz;
Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit: Dilyn Brooks;
Beginner Rabbit Showmanship: Devyn Brooks;
Reserve Beginner Rabbit Showmanship: Acaiya Schultz;
Junior Rabbit Showmanship: Dilyn Brooks;
Breeding Sheep:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger (3), Ellie Evans, Bailey Feistner (6), Charles Hunter, Henry Hunter (3), Brady Larson (2), Bryce Larson (2), Megan Linke (3), Rex Schlicht, Acaiya Schultz, Delaney Zoss;
Blue: Tyson Eddy, Charles Hunter;
Grand Champion Breeding Sheep: Bailey Feistner;
Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Sheep: Bailey Feistner.
Market Sheep:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger, Bailey Feistner (2), Rex Schlicht (2), Delaney Zoss (4);
Blue: Xavier Baysinger (3), Henry Hunter, Acaiya Schultz;
Grand Champion Market Sheep: Delaney Zoss;
Reserve Grand Champion Market Sheep: Bailey Feistner;
Rate of Gain:  Hope Baysinger;
Beginner Sheep Showmanship: Delaney Zoss;
Reserve Beginner Sheep Showmanship: Acaiya Schultz;
Junior Sheep Showmanship:  Bailey Feistner;
Reserve Junior Sheep Showmanship: Megan Linke;
Senior Sheep Showmanship: Rex Schlicht.
Market Swine:
Purple: Hope Baysinger, Xavier Baysinger, Chloe Degen (5);
Grand Champion Swine:  Chloe Degen;
Reserve Champion Swine:  Chloe Degen;
Beginner Swine Showmanship: Hope Baysinger;
Junior Swine Showmanship:  Xavier Baysinger;
Senior Swine Showmanship:  Chloe Degen;
Round Robin:
Grand Champion Round Robin: Aaron Linke;
Reserve Champion Round Robin: Nathan Linke;
The Cloverbud area of 4-H is a great opportunity for future 4-Hers (children ages five to seven) to get a head start on 4-H and to get the feel of what 4-H is all about. At Achievement Days, Cloverbuds can show in any area of static exhibits and are allowed to show one animal. Once their exhibits have been shown to the judge, they get to choose their own preferred color of ribbon.  Sanborn County Cloverbuds who exhibited at this year’s Achievement Days include:
Cloverbud Static Exhibits:
Kaylee Adams (4), Miley Adams (7), Danielle Brooks (5), Parker Ettswold (2), Emmitt Feistner (4), Kaidence Fridley (3), Sophie Kelly (9), Riley Kneen (4), Brooklyn Larson (7), Myles Larson, Memphis Moody (6), Teagen Moody (4), Shiloh Senska (2), Kenzie Uecker (4), Eli White, Weston White (3), Cain Zoss (2), Cannon Zoss (3).
Cloverbud Animal Exhibits:
Companion Animal: Danielle Brooks (2), Sophie Kelly;
Goat: McKenzie Uecker;
Sheep: Emmitt Feistner, Anna Hunter, Brooklyn Larson, Cannon Zoss;
Swine: Kaylee Adams, Miley Adams, Memphis Moody, Teagan Moody.

…See more photos of Achievement Days in this week’s issue.

Participating in his first Achievement Days, Lane Burkel proudly shows off his string art sign.

Participating in his first Achievement Days, Lane Burkel proudly shows off his string art sign.

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