Rep. Wollman resigns amidst controversy

ae6f7d7793189ce00d9e1c4f49850ab4A Republican South Dakota lawmaker resigned this week after admitting to engaging in consensual sexual relations with two legislative interns in 2015 and 2016.
District 8 Representative Mathew Wollman (R-Madison) sent a letter of resignation to House Speaker Mark Mickelson on Monday. He had faced an investigation by House leadership to determine how Wollman might be disciplined after admitting to his actions last Wednesday.
Wollman, 26, was elected in 2014 and re-elected this past November. District 8 includes Sanborn, Miner, Lake and Moody counties. Governor Dennis Daugaard has stated that he will “act quickly” to appoint a replacement for Wollman.
Both of the interns were over 21 years old and neither of them worked for Wollman. The state’s legislative rulebook forbids lawmakers from sexual harassment, but does not explicitly prohibit sexual contact with interns or legislative pages.

…Read a letter Wollman released to the Sanborn Weekly Journal Monday morning in this week’s issue.

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