The treats and thrills of living in Woonsocket

Halloween this year was a very cold, but exciting night for any kids who decided to trick-or-treat in Woonsocket. Every year there are car loads of kids running all over town to collect candy from very pleasant and obliging residents who enjoy seeing all the creative costumes and the joy on the little faces.
Regardless of the cold temperatures, this year was no exception. However, the children of Woonsocket had a little more to enjoy than the young people in other towns.
Last year, Kathy McWhorter, whose husband Pete owns a carnival ride company named McWhorter Entertainment, handed out bags of cotton candy to trick-or-treaters, and after 150 bags, she ran out, so this year, she was determined to not have that happen again, so she and Pete, along with some helpers, set up their cotton candy stand and gave away the well-loved sweet treat and popcorn from the comfort of their little building.
In addition, Pete decided to do one better than that, and since their merry-go-round needed a little painting and upkeep work done to it, he decided to make it a special night for the trick-or-treaters of Woonsocket and gave free rides on the ever-popular carnival ride, as well.
What an amazing thing to have their company in town so the young people of Woonsocket can enjoy some rare Halloween entertainment in a small town in South Dakota.

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