Union Farmhands 4-H Club meets

The Union Farmhands met Sunday Nov. 19 at 4 p.m. at the 4-H Building.
The meeting was called to order by President Catherine Bechen.
Alex Schelske led the US Pledge and Sawyer Senska led the 4-H Pledge. Roll call was answered by the following members: Sawyer and Aubrey Senska, Amber, Dana and Alex Schelske, Wiley and Ladoux Bracha, Catherine Bechen and Jesse Krueger.
New officers were elected. Sawyer Senska president, Catherine Bechen vice president, Amber Schelske Treasurer and Austin Schmit Secretary/Reporter.
The Union Farmhands welcomed new member Jesse Krueger.
Ivy Senska handed out premium money and members signed thank you cards for Achievement Day sponsors.
The members discussed upcoming events. It was decided to go caroling on Dec. 10 to Countryside Living and then go bowling for the Christmas party.
Members voted to donate $75 to the Angel Tree fund in Mitchell.
The club will furnish cookies for the CIA Ham Drawing on Dec. 15 and will also sell community calendars that evening.
Meeting was adjourned at 5 p.m. with a motion by Alex and a second from Wiley.
Treats were served by Catherine Bechen.

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