Agtegra donates to local food bank

Jason White, Location Manager for Agtegra of Woonsocket and Wessington Springs, on the left, hands a donation of $2,500 to Tom Carda, co-administrator of the Sanborn County Food Pantry.

In 2010, Land O’ Lakes Foundation, an organization of Land O’ Lakes, launched a “Feeding Our Communities” campaign, with the focus on relieving hunger issues in our country. 

As a cooperative member of Land O’ Lakes, Agtegra Cooperative is able to participate in the Feeding Our Communities campaign in two ways. First, they recognized the valuable role that the Sanborn County Food Pantry has in our area by donating $2,500. 

The second way they to participate in the Feeding Our Communities campaign is to apply for a matching grant from Land O’ Lakes Foundation. An application will be sent to Land O’ Lakes Foundation on behalf of the Sanborn County Food Pantry, and if it is approved, it could result in an additional gift for the food bank.

Agtegra is proud to be a part of the communities where they have locations, including Woonsocket and Wessington Springs, and they want to do their part to support organizations that are vital to caring for those in need. They are also pleased to be a partner with Land O’ Lakes Foundation, which shares their commitment to offering assistance to those same communities and organizations.

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