Both schools celebrate 100 days of education for the school year

Monday, Jan. 29, was the 100th day of school for both schools in Sanborn County, so the students and staff celebrated in style.

The elementary students and staff from Sanborn Central dressed up as 100-year-old people and had fun activities in the gym, such as stacking 100 plastic cups to see how tall they are, and jumping on a small trampoline 100 times to see how long it takes. Mrs. Cheryl Schmit, kindergarten teacher, had a large 100 covering her door, where kids could stick their faces through the zero’s for a photo opportunity.

On that very cold Monday morning, the Woonsocket Elementary students delivered coffee and muffins to anyone who came to the school between the hours of 7:30-8:30 a.m. They met their goal of delivering at least 100 cups of coffee to members of the community. The Woonsocket Elementary staff also held activities for their students on Monday afternoon.

…See pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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