Public meeting held about retirement of Woonsocket Elementary Principal

Discussion centered on position absorption

By Supt. Rod Weber

A parent meeting was held on Monday, Feb. 19, at the Woonsocket School to discuss the retirement of the Elementary Principal Paula Lynch and possible ways to replace the position.

A proposal was discussed that included absorbing the Elementary Principal position to allocate those funds saved to different areas in the school.  This would include eliminating the elementary principal position and hiring two teacher aide positions, a stipend for a Lead Teacher, and a stipend for an Elementary Dean of Students to handle discipline. This proposal would be on a one-year trial to be evaluated at the end of the year on whether to continue it or go back to the traditional elementary principal.

It would be very beneficial to use the money saved to hire teacher aides, as the class sizes have grown in the last few years. This would help both the teachers and students throughout the school. The leadership for the Elementary would be divided into three areas: 1.) Administrator – Mr. Weber; 2.) Lead Teacher in charge of Professional Development & Curriculum – Mrs. Jensen; and a 3.) Dean of Students in charge of bussing and discipline – Mr. Bruce.

The hiring of two aides and giving stipends for the Lead Teacher and Dean of Students would equal the amount of money that is currently spent on the Elementary Principal.The parent meeting provided good feedback about the proposal. Everyone’s interest was to maintain and continue the success of our school. Certainly, there are concerns with the proposal, and the school board will continue to look at all options available. By the end of the meeting, most everyone agreed that this is an option that could be worth pursuing.

More information and research will be investigated for the school board in their consideration of the proposal. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Supt. Rod Weber,, 605-796-4431.

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