Sanborn County Farmers Union 4-H Camp held

Sanborn County 4-H teamed up with Sanborn County Farmers Union’s Day Camp to offer a day filled with learning on May 22 at the 4-H Building in Forestburg.  The morning included eight presentations/activities presented by 4-H members to the 60 kids ages six through 13 in attendance.  The sessions were each 15 minutes long and were set up on a rotating basis to present to about 15 youth at a time, so that each 4-H member presented their session four times.  Hope Baysinger presented a demonstration on doing place settings for 4-H Special Foods or any special meal, and then let attendees practice how to set up a place setting. Lane Burkel gave an illustrated talk on photography skills.  Devyn Brooks did a demonstration on archery with his compound bow.  Bryce Larson taught attendees how to properly measure dry ingredients and liquids for a recipe and then let each of them practice the skill.  Dilyn Brooks explained the importance of writing thank you’s and helped them each make and write a thank you note to mail to someone. Brooklyn Swenson offered a fun activity of painting a design on a rock that they could take home or leave outside the 4-H building as a decoration.  Leader Lisa Snedeker and Lane Burkel did a planting activity so that each youth could take home a seed ready to transplant. Sutton Senska presented a demonstration on making shotgun shell Christmas lights and then had some of the attendees try out the process.

…See pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

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