Sanborn County Sheriff warns residents of scams

Sheriff Tom Fridley is warning county residents to be aware of telephone scammers, who are very active in the area. He shared the following information to alert citizens of the types of scams that he has investigated.

On April 5, a 57 year old was scammed out of $1,500 when

Agent Jeff Thomas, who had a foreign accent, called the victim to report they (IRS) had an arrest warrant for him and wanted various card numbers from Walgreens and Walmart for Google Play cards and Apple iTunes purchased there. Fridley emphasized that the IRS does not take cards, and they do not call you. If it is truly the IRS, you will see an agent. Hang up on these callers.

On March 7, a 46 year old was scammed out of $600 for a dog purchased online at Lovemypugs. The web site, paperwork and shipping information all looked very legitimate, and the money was paid through Walmart. The victim eventually questioned the process and realized it was not legitimate and was out the money.

On March 29, a 56 year old was notified that they had wages from a Florida company. The victim had never worked at or even been to Florida. All personal information the scammer gave was correct except the mailing address.

Sheriff Fridley advises that a Google check of the phone numbers of scammers will show if the number you called or the number that called you has been connected to Scam Reports. He also reminds everyone to be extremely careful about sharing any personal information.

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