Straw bales abound in Woonsocket

This guy sits in front of Larson & Nipe Law Office portraying the image of a lawyer reading a law book. He happens to resemble Jeff Larson, the owner of the Larson & Nipe Law Office, but there has been no confirmation on whether Larson was used as a model for this display or not. The Woonsocket Community Club provided bales for all businesses in town to help decorate for the harvest and hunting seasons. It will be interesting to see what other businesses come up with. This particular “guy” has been both entertaining and frightening, as Sanborn County’s Sheriff claims he scared him half to death on Saturday night when the Sheriff was out investigating the cause of an alarm going off at Skeeters Bar. The alarm turned out to be false, but the call was still eventful for the law enforcement officer, regardless. 

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