Vandalism discovered at Rossy Park in Letcher

Vandals destroyed the key pad lock on a storage shed at Rossy Park in Letcher on earlier this month.

On Saturday, April 7, an act of vandalism in the park in Letcher was reported to the Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office. It was determined that the damage had occurred sometime in the 10 days prior to the date of reporting.

The damage included broken locks and lights on the storage shed and bathrooms at Rossy Park. There was also damage to fence posts and a fire pit in the park.  It appears that there are remnants of burned logs that were used for a bonfire in the middle of the road.

According to Sanborn County Deputy Sheriff Jason Coenen, this is an ongoing investigation, and if anyone has information about this criminal act, they should contact the Sheriff’s Office at 796-4511.

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