WEPC holds Family Bingo and Silent Auction Night

Approximately 260 people attended the annual WEPC Bingo and Silent Auction event held in the Woonsocket gym on Sunday evening. All the prizes were either donated or purchased with money donated to the club for the event. The WEPC holds the event every year as a major fundraiser for their organization.

This year was another great success with awesome participation by local businesses who donated prizes or money for prizes, and participation from residents or family members of students attending Woonsocket Elementary.

The money raised by the event this year will help with expenses that arise after the new addition is built onto the school. There will be at least four classrooms included in the addition, and they will need the open-faced lockers and storage cabinets that the WEPC already had installed in all the existing classrooms. There will also be a need for supplemental materials for each classroom, as there will be SPED classrooms included that require a great deal of alternative materials to help children with special needs learn, but will also help all students reinforce their education.

…See a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

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