Woonsocket Congregation bids farewell to historic church

The United Methodist Church building, now Spirit of Faith Lutheran-Methodist Church, that stands along Highway 34 in Woonsocket, has been a beacon of Christianity to churchgoers for 76 years. During those years, thousands of Sunday morning worship services, Sunday school classes, weddings, funerals, women’s meetings and other gatherings have been held and enjoyed by parishioners and community members. Churches built at that time were sturdy, steepled, two-story structures with decorative windows, pews and elaborate chancel décor.

With time, buildings deteriorate and decay, and the needs, desires and mission of congregations change, and so the congregation members must make changes also.

The United Methodist building in Woonsocket will hold its final, farewell worship service this Sunday, April 15, at 9 a.m., and be retired as a place of worship.

An auction will be held Saturday, April 21, to distribute the contents of the church and to make ready for its demolition, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of April.

In the place of this tired, weathered building, the congregation has voted to build a larger, one level, handicapped accessible structure that will meet the needs of the growing parish and further their mission in the community. Many exciting activities involving the congregation and the community are envisioned by the members, and this new facility will help make those things happen.

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