Woonsocket man arrested after vehicle pursuit through town

Last Wednesday, Aug. 7, the Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office was called to a home in Woonsocket. According to a probable cause statement, Dustin Feistner, 39, was in the home and making threats to a family member that he was going “to kill him and bury him in the front yard.” That family member asked Sanborn County Chief Deputy Jason Coenen to remove Dustin Feistner from the property and have him charged.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, when Coenen approached Feistner’s vehicle to apprehend him, Feistner drove off, nearly hitting Coenen. Chief Deputy Coenen then got into his vehicle and chased after Feistner. During the pursuit, Coenen asked Feistner to get out of his vehicle when he stopped at a stop sign, but Feistner refused and reportedly drove away and was involved in a pursuit with Coenen and Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley. At one point during the chase, Feistner ran into the left side of Coenen’s vehicle. 

Despite commands from Sheriff Fridley to pull over, Feistner chose to drive into Woonsocket. Fridley made an attempt to stop Feistner by blocking the path with his vehicle, but Feistner showed no signs of stopping, so Fridley had to move in order to avoid a head-on collision.

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