Historic Lake Prior mural in the works

By Gay Swenson

For several years now, the Woonsocket Development Corporation has discussed having a mural painted somewhere in Woonsocket, preferably around Lake Prior. This has been a dream project of one of the Corporation’s Directors, Ray Ohlrogge. Several surrounding towns in South Dakota have completed murals in their communities, and this has been a big draw to their towns. People travel to see art.

The Development Corporation has commissioned local artist Kenzee Schafer of Wessington Springs to help in finally being able to complete this project. She has worked with the Corporation, visited several sites in town and taken the ideas of what we would like the mural to include. The history of Lake Prior will encompass the theme of the mural.

The City of Woonsocket, along with the help of organizations and volunteers, has come a long way to make Lake Prior a destination for families and everyone to enjoy. The people of Woonsocket and surrounding communities enjoy everything we have around the lake daily. The mural will be one more way that we can appreciate our lake view and draw others from outside our community to come visit and see what we have added to our beautiful city. 

Tom Ogle, owner of Dakota AGrow, has given the Development Corporation the go ahead to paint a mural on the grain storage building on the east side of the Lake Prior area. It will be visible from SD Highway 34 and anywhere around the lake. This building is 13 feet tall and 130 feet long, so it is not a small mural project. The total cost of the project is $30,000. Schafer will be painting the mural with an automotive paint, which is spendy, but will have lasting adherence. 

…Read on and see a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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