Senior project promotes adoption awareness

Woonsocket senior Acaiya Schultz was born in China. At the age of nine months, she was brought to America by Patty and Dave Schultz, and at the end of what was close to a two-year process, she was adopted. She now has three brothers who were also born in Eastern Asia and were adopted by the Schultzes. November is Adoption Awareness Month, and because of the Schultz family’s success with international adoption, Acaiya thought it would be beneficial to do a public presentation about adoption to help raise awareness and to help inform people about adoption.

Acaiya explained her background and her family’s experience with adoption. Then, she discussed Adoption Awareness Month and the history behind it. She then went into some questions someone should ask themselves if they are thinking about adopting, and she explained the different types of adoption and the cost that goes into each type of adoption. She made it clear that when someone is paying a fee to adopt a child, they are not paying for the child, they are paying for the legal paperwork and process that goes into adopting a child. 

At the end of the presentation, she expressed how grateful she is for the Schultzes adopting her and raising her in such a loving and happy home. She answered a few questions from the audience and then explained that she is selling bracelets that promote adoption awareness, and the money raised goes to the Plus One Guidance Center in Huron. The Center is a place that helps women who are pregnant and find themselves in a tough situation. They help the young mothers through counseling in preparing for a newborn or making the decision to put the baby up for adoption. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in helping Acaiya with her cause by purchasing a bracelet or just making a donation, please contact the Woonsocket School at (605) 796-4431 or the Sand Creek Animal Clinic at (605) 796-4145, and they will get you in contact with Acaiya. 

…See a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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