Olson re-elected Senate Majority Leader

    PIERRE – District 8 Senator Russell Olson has once again been selected to lead the Republican Party in the South Dakota Senate. The newly-elected Republican Senate Caucus met Nov. 12 to elect its leadership team for the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions.
Olson has served as majority leader since 2011. In that role, Olson leads the Senate Caucus, plans the Senate’s debate calendar and represents the caucus in discussions with House Leadership and with the Governor.
Senator Corey Brown of Gettysburg was selected to be President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Senator Brown will fill the committee rosters, assign bills to committee and preside over the Senate when the Lt. Governor is absent. Brown, who had served for the past two years as Assistant Majority Leader, will replace Senator Bob Gray of Pierre, who retired due to term limits.
The new Assistant Majority Leader is Senator Tim Rave of Baltic. Rave served the past two years as a Senate Majority Whip, and will now fill the position that was vacated by Senator Brown.
The caucus also elected three whips for the upcoming session: Senators Larry Rhoden of Union Center, Ryan Maher of Isabel, and Dan Lederman of Dakota Dunes.
“The caucus election shows that Senate Republicans are ready to get to work,” said Majority Leader Olson. “Senate Republicans look forward to working this session with the Governor, with House members, and with our friends in the Democratic Party to lead South Dakota forward.”
The Republican’s 28-7 advantage in the newly-elected Senate is one of the greatest in recent history. With the exception of the current Senate, which stands at 30-5, the new Senate will have the greatest Republican majority since 1967-68.
Olson was first elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives in 2006. After a two-year term in the House, he ran for and won the District 8 seat in the Senate in 2008. He will begin his third term in the Senate this January.

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