Where in the World is Jillo?

Day 6
Today we were off to Montségur, Cathar seminary and citadel of their last resistance. In 1243, in order to appease the pope, the King of France instigated a 10-month blockade of Montsegur. A 15-day truce was negotiated, at the end of which the Cathars had to choose to renounce their faith or perish at the stake. Two hundred and twenty chose death.
Driving up to Montsegur was a bit like driving up to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.  It springs out of the earth in much the same way and at the top is the remains of the Cathar citedal. It is very impressive looking at it as you drive towards it and even moreso when you ascend it! It was a very narrow, rough, steep path with “slippy” rocks worn smooth by many feet traversing over them. This, too was one of my favorite spots. Some of the group were not able to make the steep climb, so they remained in a clearing at the bottom. It was in this clearing that we held a ceremony in memory of those who chose to give their lives rather than renounce their faith. We passed around a red rose and then placed it in the ground before we ascended.
On the way to the top, we paused part way up to look over the emerald green landscape below. I commented on the white sheep walking the hillside in a line.  Finbarr said they were not sheep but white cattle and that they were walking a ley line. Someone said, look at the cars and then you’ll get the size idea and realize they are not sheep. It was beautiful looking at the landscape. Some of us closed our eyes to envision the events and times past and found ourselves having to open our eyes to get our bearings from the height and dizziness.
On reaching the top, we assembled around an archway that Finbarr explained had 27 stones. (Just the number in our group.) There were 14 on one side and 13 on the other, representing the masculine and feminine…. just like I’d seen in Ireland in the Druid churches remains. The Celts and Druids were also in France. We even collected a young man from Berlin who heard Finbarr talking and he followed us around a bit learning from our group.
One of the men said, “He was just interested in Niamh ‘cause she’s cute.” But he really was interested in what was happening with our group and stopped me later when we came down from Montségur to ask me some more about what we were learning.
I did not realize it, but on the way up the mountain, I had lost a silver Aquarian cross from around my neck. I did not know it until Ixchel, who was coming down behind me said, “Jill this looks just like the leather tie you have around your neck.” As I turned to look she was picking it up from the path and there was a silver cross on it. It was MINE! I had lost it on the way up, we figured that out as in the pictures from the top, I did not have my cross on. It had lain there much of the afternoon, with there being continual foot traffic on the path.
That day there were 1,500-2,000 people who had some connection to the Cathars having a five year pilgrimage or something to the mountain. So lots of people passed over the cross and yet no one picked it up. There were many scratches on it from the foot traffic. Another mystery, why  did no one see it and pick it up, why did I not see it and walk over it and yet Ixchel, who was right behind me, saw it and picked it up. Finbarr commented that perhaps it was invisible until the owner reappeared. Hmmmm. At any rate I was overjoyed to have it back.  I tied a more secure knot. Oh, and that cross, it’s a symbol of the Divine Feminine.
That afternoon we went to visit a place that caught my soul instantly. The Angel Art Sanctuary in Alet le Bain was a place I’ll never forget. It is a place of peace and soul connection. This place of art is owned by Lorrie and Eugene Coffey. Lorrie was on her way to the Barcelona Olympics for Ireland as a javelin thrower. She was being trained by the British Olympic coach, when at 18 an unfortunate incident occurred while training. Her dreams were dashed. She was paralyzed for awhile and is still suffering some of the effects of her injury. In her most destitute moments she cried out for help from God that her life be worth something. In three days, during the night she awoke to the most beautiful being she’d ever seen at the foot of her bed. From then on she knew things would be right.  She bought paints and a brush, having never painted before and began to paint. She said they were horrible. For some reason she started using her fingers and the painting emerged, beautiful paintings of angels. She was given the message that she should keep painting these and she added text to them. She began in Ireland but she was given a message that they needed to bring the angel sanctuary to France to where they are now, in the heart of Magdalene country.
As I walked through the small gallery, my heart grew warm as I looked at the pictures and read the text, but my heart jumped in my chest when I stopped at the picture, “Angels of Holiness.” I sat for a long time looking at this picture. As I saw things appear in the painting the longer I sat there, I realized this painting went with the messages I’d received and with the ring.
There was another painting that also caused me to catch my breath as I read the words and looked at it. It is called “Angel of Safekeeping.”  I knew these angel paintings were a part of my journey and that I was to see them this year on this journey for a reason. We get messages in many ways. Some people get visions, some people hear things, some people feel things, some people just have a ‘knowing’ inside. I have experienced all of these at one time or another. I’m learning gradually how to interpret what comes to me.
There was something else extra-ordinary about this place. There was a man named David who is a healer that plays your soul song. It is free. He plays your soul song on the piano for three to five minutes. He is from three generations of healers, however, he is the only one who heals through his music. David takes your hand, asks you your name and sits a little while, then he begins to play. I listened to the first song he did for a girl in the group.  It was beautiful. Then it was my turn. By the fourth note, the tears were beginning to cascade down my cheeks. I’ve never had such an experience in my life. When he was done I had to go outside for awhile.
When I returned, I’d missed some of the songs, but I sat down and could not move until I’d heard all the rest of the songs. It was the most beautiful experience to hear the soul songs of my fellow Pilgrims.  They were all so different, a beauty each their own. There was one other whose song was closest to mine. We both recognized it.
When the songs were over and everyone was going outside, three French people came in to have their songs played. As I was getting ready to leave, David began to play the man’s song and I stopped in my tracks. I knew that song! I went back and stood and listened in awe. When the man came back to his seat I was overcome and tapped him on the shoulder and since neither of us could speak the other’s language I just gave him some sign language that I recognized him and loved his song. He smiled and seemed to understand. Again, I had to go outside.  These things can’t be explained, truth is stranger than fiction I guess. One could order a CD of ones’ soul song, which David is able to do by looking at your name again. Well, you know by now that I ordered one. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival!!
If you are interested in looking this angel sanctuary up on the internet, the site is: http://www.lorriesangels.com.

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