From the pen of Pastor Mindy …

I don’t know why, but my house has been invaded by a variety of germs and viruses lately. You can’t see these “bugs” but you sure can feel their consequences. I suppose we should expect it. We are in the middle of cold and flu season. Every third person I talk to has been to the clinic, had children home from school or has had to leave work early.  These bugs zap our energy, lessen our enjoyment of life and God’s bounty and separate us from those with whom we have our closest relationships.
Once we get sick there are medicines we can take to help us deal with the symptoms, but they really don’t make the cold or flu go away. I grew up with this adage: “Treat a cold and it will last about 14 days. Leave it alone and it will last about two weeks.” What we can do is get plenty of rest, eat right and drink lots of water. No matter what we do, when we battle a cold we are in the fight alone.
Then there are the measures that restrict the access of the “bugs” to us: we can stay away from people with colds and flu, avoid crowds, wash our hands frequently and clean our surroundings. Other suggestions take more time and energy. They include regular workouts, growing organic food, cooking whole foods, along with adequate rest and again, plenty of water. The trouble is, no matter what we do the germs are there. Sometimes they are just waiting inside us. We just have to keep fighting them off one by one.
Health professionals say we can’t completely prevent colds and flu, but we can do lots of things to lessen our chances of getting them. We can get a flu shot in the fall, but it must be repeated every year.  Some people refuse to get a flu shot because of the discomfort. Others just don’t want to take the time to go get it. But many people just wouldn’t go through the season without one. It builds them up and makes them strong against the bugs out there. Still the shots can’t prevent the flu entirely, but they strengthen us against the flu’s power.
I have been contemplating how these viruses and germs are a lot like sin. We can’t necessarily see sin, but we sure do feel its consequences. Sin zaps our energy, lessens our enjoyment of life and God’s bounty and separates us from those with whom we have our closest relationships.
There are ways we can restrict the access of sin to us. We can stay away from activities that are sinful. Do a gut check. If you aren’t sure, you are probably in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing. We can clean up our surroundings. (A lot of what passes for entertainment is less than holy. Again, trust your gut.) We can live a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of rest, good food, lots of water, read the Scriptures and daily devotions and pray. The trouble is, no matter what we do sin is there. Sometimes it is just waiting inside us. We have to fight sin off, one by one.
We can’t completely prevent sin. But we can do lots of things to help prevent our falling into sin, like going to worship. Some people don’t want to take the time. Others consider it a painful experience and avoid it. Others complain that it must be repeated. For these people worship is like getting a shot. But many people just wouldn’t go through the week without it. It builds them up and makes them strong. Worship doesn’t prevent all sin, but it does strengthen us against sin’s power.
There is one big difference: when we battle a cold or flu we battle it alone, but when we battle sin, Jesus is with us, to help us battle both the sin and its consequences. Count on Jesus and do what you can to stay healthy my friends.
Your Sister in Christ,
Pastor Mindy

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