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Rep. Parsley’s Legislative report

By Rep. Scott Parsley
As South Dakota prepares for the 2013 legislative session, I wanted to again thank the voters of District 8 for the confidence you have shown me by sending me to Pierre as your representative. I look forward to representing the voters of Moody, Lake, Miner and Sanborn counties.
So far 11 bills have been pre-filed. Most of these bills deal with landowner rights and reclamation as it relates to the oil exploration and development in the northwest corner of the state. These bills are all being introduced by the Summer Study Committee that looked at the development of the oil industry in South Dakota.
Other big issues that are being talked about are education and Medicaid funding, and using surplus revenue to restore funding for education and Medicaid lost in the 2011 budget cuts. In the Governor’s budget address, Governor Daugaard outlined $26,000,000 of additional surplus revenues over the next two years to go along with the already accumulated $134,000,000, part of which could be used to restore these funds.
Other issues that will be discussed this session are economic development funding, correction reform, the expansion of Medicaid to cover up to an additional 48,000 South Dakotans (most of whom are currently uninsured) as well as measures that seek to reform the Office of the Secretary of State.
I am sure there will be many other items that will be brought before the legislature for consideration. I would like to encourage any of you who have ideas to contact me either by phone at 605-270-2416 or by e-mail at rep.parsley@state.sd.us.
Again, I thank you for the opportunity to serve the voters of District 8 and encourage you to contact me at any time. I would also invite you to the People’s House of the State Capitol on Jan. 8 as the new legislators are sworn into office.

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