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Rep. Heinemann’s Legislative Report

By Rep. Leslie Heinemann
Greetings from Pierre! The day  to take office finally came,  with the official swearing in ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at noon.
I was fortunate to have some of my family be there to witness the occasion. We were able to take pictures with the grandkids at my work desk on the House floor, and then listen to Governor Daugaard’s  State of the State Address. It was a special day for me! This was made possible by your support and vote of confidence in me. Thank you!
I’ll cover some common questions that have been asked of  me and if you have any others, please contact me and I’ll respond.
I’m on two comittees, Health and Human Services and Local Government. I would say one of the first committee’s assignments will be whether we, as a legislative body, agree with Gov. Daugaard’s initial assessment to not expand Medicaid from where it is today. The H and HS committee will eventually hear that testimony. Local Government will most likely hear about the open meetings laws and other local issues as yet to be determined.
Yes, I’m enjoying getting started. I don’t like the potential weight gain, with all the socials and dinners, but I did enjoy seeing some folks at the Sioux Valley  Electric, East River Electric and Big Sioux Rural Water meetings this past week.
If you are going to be in Pierre for one of these get- togethers, please drop me an e-mail Rep.Heinemann@state.sd.us or call the House at 605-773-3851, and I will try to be there at your activity. There can be sometimes two to three receptions on any given night!
I’m honored to serve the people of District 8. I have had some very good discussions with some of you and I encourage you to contact me with any concerns or ideas. Thank you for this opportunity!

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