Fouberg/Schmiedt place at Miller/Highmore-Harrold Invite

Fouberg puts a pinning hold on Schroeder from KWHLP-G.

The Miller/Highmore-Harrold Invite was held on Jan. 11 with the Blackhawk grapplers participating and placing two wrestlers. Jake Fouberg placed second at 195 and Riley Schmiedt placed fourth in the heavyweight division.
The wrestling began with a pig-tail round. At 106, W. Stevens was defeated by Paul Lauck (MCM); 126, Mason Burke (UNATT) over R. Stevens; 152, Jace Anderson (SB) over Brunsen by fall, 2:17; 195, Fouberg over Chance Burke (CWL), 8-4.
First round wrestle-backs: 106, W. Stevens, bye; 126, R. Stevens, bye; 152, Brunsen, bye.
Quarter finals: 195, Fouberg over Ray Edgar (FAU) by fall, 4:49; Heavyweight, Schmiedt over Logan Dick (MF) by fall.
Second round wrestle-backs: 106, W. Stevens over Brandan Gehrke (CWL) by fall,

Schmiedt spars with his opponent in the HWT class.

:47; 126, William Johnson over R. Stevens by fall, 2:24; 152, Brusen over Parker Kroll (GRO), 8-5.
Semi-finals: 195, Fouberg over Dowain Kemer (BG), 10-6; HWT, Colten Nelson (BG) over Schmiedt by fall, 5:23.
Third round wrestle-backs: 106, W. Stevens over Gannon Martinmaas (FAU) by fall, 5:09; 152, Noah Beck (BG) over Brunsen by fall, 1:27.
Fourth round wrestle-backs: 106, Paul Lauck (MCM) over W. Stevens, 14-6;
Finals: Championship – 195, Nick Pardy (HOW) over Fouberg, 5-3; consolation – HWT, Truman Ashes (WAG) over Schmiedt, 4-0.

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