Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Blackhawks supporters

Dear Editor,
Last Friday, the Blackhawks football team avenged their loss at the Dome last year to Gregory.  I was unable to make the game, which was a first for me in about eight years. My two sons have played varsity football for that long, and, as a parent, you always want to be there for them. I no longer have any kids playing football, but still like following the team when I can.
That is why I was very glad to to hear that the game was going to broadcast on Q107 radio. Throughout the years when games have been broadcast I have had relatives listen to the game from all over the country.  In order for that to happen, the radio station needs sponsors for their advertising. It is long overdue that I and the community thank the businesses that pay for advertising so that our football and basketball games can be heard by people who are unable to make it to the games. Some of these same businesses have been doing this for at least 30 plus years when I was in school.  I doubt that they expect thanks, but I’m sure that they would appreciate it when you see them.
Last year, I criticized some of the local radio stations for not coming to our games, when both of Mitchell’s stations were at the same ballgame someplace else. They said that it was due to lack of sponsors.  Last Friday, we had at least six different sponsors, so I don’t believe that their excuse holds water.  Our teams have always had our businesses’ support, and as a parent of past and present athletes, I would like to thank them for that.
I also want to thank Sanborn Weekly Journal staff for all of their pictures, game summaries and stats that fill our kid’s scrap books.  It is very evident that you take interest and pride in the Blackhawks as well.
Thank you,
John Bechen

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