Election Frustration

By Ryan Swenson

So here’s my take on the election: Choice #1 is a multimillionaire and lifetime businessman that nobody likes, who got money from his daddy to start his business. His business has had its ups and downs over the years, been bankrupt and has been criticized for using tax laws to its advantage.
Choice #2 is another multimillionaire and lifetime politician that nobody likes, who got her money from her husband — (you may remember him as “Slick Willy”), their Foundation and its dirty deals, along with foreign interests that are trying to kill us. At first glance, it’s not much of a choice…
So, how many of you have gotten your health insurance statement for 2017? My wife and kids are on Obamacare.  Their premium is going up 42 percent and their deductible doubled. Is that even legal? If my auto or home insurance deductible changes, it requires me to authorize it — new underwriting, etc. I guess with Obamacare they just do whatever they want. In my opinion, $11,517 per year for a high deductible plan covering a healthy 35-year-old woman and two healthy kids under the age of 5 is just plain ridiculous. I, on the other hand, have a pre-Obamacare Wellmark plan that is going up a whopping $11 per month.
So, to summarize, Obamacare premiums continue to increase anywhere from 40 to 100 percent a year depending on where you live, while the coverage continues to decrease by about the same amount. Non-Obamacare plans (which you can no longer get) go up about the same amount as inflation and the coverage stays the same.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m about done subsidizing the government’s foolish mistake.  It was doomed from the start.  There are many people that will no longer be able to afford it, having to take the penalty.  It has truly become “The UN-affordable Care Act”.
I’m going to give an analogy about voting.  I am a member of the SDCA (South Dakota Chiropractors Association).  Not all chiropractors in South Dakota choose to be a part of it, but most do.  It comes with an annual membership fee, but it’s the most powerful tool we chiropractors have when it comes to maintaining a voice in Pierre, along with regulating our own profession within the state. When we have continuing education conferences, any chiropractor that wants to attend is welcome. However, when it’s time to conduct the SDCA meeting, every chiropractor that’s not a part of the association has to leave the room. All SDCA business is conducted at that time — including voting for new officers and making decisions that will affect every chiropractor in the state — even those who were made to leave the room. My point is this: if you don’t choose to be an invested member in whatever you may be a part of, you shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions regarding that entity.
Reader discretion advised:
If you don’t understand anything about the way the world works — including foreign relations, economics, city/county/state/federal governments — you probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote; if you think that your government should provide you a living, you don’t pay taxes or are an otherwise uninvested member of the system — you probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote; if you spend more time on Facebook, Twitter or texting than you do working (unless you’re retired) — you probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote; if you think that you should always have food on your plate, a roof over your head and have no idea how it happens — you probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote. And finally, if you are being investigated AGAIN by the FBI for criminal charges that caused innocent Americans to die — you shouldn’t be allowed to run for President.
I hope that everyone that actually took the time to read this is doing well. I know that many of you are as frustrated as I am.
Anxious for the
Ryan Swenson
Rapid City

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