Rep. Wollman’s reports on legislative week five

By Rep. Wollman

Week five of the legislative session is in the books, and there is much to mention in this week’s column.
I would like to start off by explaining what happened last week in regards to HB 1182, the half cent tax increase for education and teacher pay. This legislation passed the House Appropriations with a 11-0 vote and moved to the House floor last week Wednesday. I want to thank each and every person from District 8 that attended the session expecting to see action. Unfortunately, it was deferred to Tuesday, February 16. This was a motion made in reference to joint rule 5-17. This motion can be made one more time, and will be made this Tuesday to ensure that there will be a vote taken on Thursday, Feb. 18 for all who are able to make the trip. I encourage as many as possible to attend the session and support myself and the many other proponents to HB 1182.
Another piece of legislation that has garnished a lot of attention is HB 1007. HB 1107 would prevent the state and local governments from discriminating against individuals or entities which affirm that marriage is between a man and a woman, that sexual relations should take place in marriage, or that an individual’s biological sex is unchangeable. It would also prohibit government authorities from denying them government grants, contracts, licenses, tax benefits and access to other programs. It is important to remember every religion and individual has rights and beliefs. HB 1107 does not discriminate. If anything, it prevents discrimination for many different religions and individuals.
I have also been asked a lot of questions regarding HB 1008, an act to restrict access to certain restroom and locker rooms in public schools. This bill would limit bathrooms and locker rooms to students of the same biological gender, and ensure that there is a reasonable accommodation for those students that do not associate themselves with their biological gender. I believe this is a fair piece of legislation that keeps every person’s feelings in mind.
I want to thank those who took the time out of their morning to attend the cracker barrel in Flandreau this past weekend. I also want to remind everyone of Madison’s legislative cracker barrel on Feb. 20 at 1:30 p.m. in the DSU Science Center.
As always it is an honor representing the 8th District in your capitol city of Pierre. Please contact me anytime with questions or comments at Have a fantastic week!

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