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Valentine Date—Rebooted by Dee Baby

Pictured left to right: Ken Johnson, Craig Godfrey, Misty Brewer, Georgia Bennett, Esther Buck, Brittney Baysinger, Tina Arends and Dee Baysinger.

Pictured left to right: Ken Johnson, Craig Godfrey, Misty Brewer, Georgia Bennett, Esther Buck, Brittney Baysinger, Tina Arends and Dee Baysinger.

After the last disastrous gastronomical Valentine brunch was cancelled, our group decided to shoot for Saturday of this week to meet at Minerva’s in Sioux Falls. The weather promised warmth and sunshine to add another positive note to the trip. I looked with dismay at the KELO news that morning, as they were reporting a fire at a restaurant in downtown Sioux Falls! Thankfully, it was not Minerva’s but a Mexican restaurant close by.
No trip to Sioux Falls is complete ‘til Georgia and I stop at County Fair in Mitchell to hit the bakery and nab some rolls, even though I’ve already eaten breakfast. My penchant is for fried croissants with a glaze. Lord knows, I can’t make it two hours without eating.
We stopped and took a tour of my niece Brittney’s (Soop’s youngest daughter) house that she had recently purchased. The kitchen was impressive with plenty of cabinet space, so Georgia asked her why her new box of pans was still in a box on the floor. She replied, “I don’t cook!” Will this next generation no longer even need kitchens in their houses? Being a transient person all my life, I much admire her drive and ambition to set down roots and realize that $800 rent per month is money down the drain when a house payment is cheaper. Brit said what sold her on the house was a window seat to sit and read in. Bravo, Brit! Then she accompanied us to lunch and shopping.
We had a new face at the lunch this year—Tina Kilcoin Arendas. Tina is a perfect fit to fun conversation. I love her husky voice and throaty laugh and I always tell her she looks Italian or Greek. (With a voice like that, she would be a shoo-in for one of those love-connection hotlines.) It’s a small world because our waitress had known Arne Baysinger. He had lived with her best friend, Pat, and she said they always called Arne “Woodchuck” because he cut and sold firewood.
Craig was up for entertainment this year and had promised us some male strippers to spice up lunch. Two and one-half hours later, no strippers had appeared, but he did gift all of us ladies with a red rose, and I got the extras! I gifted Ken and Craig with my special vintage wine with my semi-nude melon picture on the label. I believe it was a hit for a surprise gift.
Brittney brought up the point that, since I will be leaving my basement abode in April (just like a bear in hibernation), I will need a new title for my column. I won’t be venturing far, just across the highway to where Dr. Krog resided. A few suggestions tossed around the table were “A View from the Railroad Tracks” or “A View from the Edge…of Town”. Feel free to add your two cents if you see me.
The funny stories we share are always the highlight of our day. Our waitress, Laura, requested that we always ask for her when we come again. Anyway, I had to relate that due to an insurance change at work, I had to abandon my Dr. Reynen because he’s no longer covered. Finding a new doc is a pain in the _ _ _. Dr. Reynen is used to our pranks, like when Georgia showed up and gave him a watermelon from Soop’s patch and told him that’s all she could afford to pay!
I chose my doctor to be a woman—highly unusual for me. I decided I would start her off right and let her know up front what my humor was like. She had a young assistant who had to ask a list of tedious medical history when up popped a question I had never been asked. She asked if I was sexually active? I perked up immediately and said, “I’ve been know to break furniture!”
Dee Baby
P.S.—Our group voted to meet two times a year now. Our group photo was taken by a group of girls. I yelled, “Young girl table, will you take our picture?” They graciously did and our table reciprocated by singing “Happy Birthday” to them for their celebration.
P.S.—P.S.—We also braked for our first rummage sale of 2016! Believe me, when Georgia brakes, she “Brakes” and careens around the corner on two wheels.

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