Woonsocket AAA Banquet awards

The annual Triple “A” Awards Banquet was held recently at the Woonsocket School Gym to recognize high school and junior high students for their achievements in academics, athletics and activities throughout the school year.
Teacher Service Awards were presented to Dayna Rodriguez and Susan Sterna for five years of service, and Jim VanDenHemel received an award for 45 years of service.
Distinguished service awards were also given. These awards go to people who have helped and devoted time for the Woonsocket School system. This year’s special distinguished service awards went to: Shirelly Snedeker, Vicki Tiede and Della Amdahl.
Elementary Teacher of the Year was Kylie Pauly.
High School Teacher of the Year was Jim VanDenHemel.
National Honor Society certificates were presented to:
Seniors – Jacob Fouberg, Garrett Larson, McKenzy Peterson, Rex Schlicht, Brady Tiede, Tayla Weber; juniors – Destiny Brick, Taylor Burkel, Wyatt Feistner, Aaron Linke, Drew Olinger and Riley Schmiedt.
New inductees to the National Honor Society: Alissa Ball, Trey Weber, Tristen Ziebart, Callie Bezpaletz, Lauren Johnson, Abby Doering and Nathan Linke.
Academic letter award winners:
Freshmen – Sarah Baysinger, Trinity Brick, Abi Fry, Erica Howard, Tesa Jensen, Megan Poyer, Ryan Poyer, Kadin Schlenker and Spens Schlicht; sophomores – Alissa Ball, Callie Bezpaletz, Abby Doering, Ashleigh Fry, Jared Goldammer, Lauren Johnson, Nathan Linke, Bailey Schmiedt, Trey Weber, Sydney Zeller and Tristan Ziebart; juniors – Destiny Brick, Taylor Burkel, Wyatt Feistner, Aaron Linke, Kyla Morgan, Drew Olinger, Dayna Opsahl, Riley Schmiedt, Shay Swenson, Peyton Uttecht, Ty Ziebart; seniors – Noah Bruce, Lacey Christensen, Jastyn Ford, Jacob Fouberg, Garrett Larson, McKenzy Peterson, Rex Schlicht, Brady Tiede and Tayla Weber.
Perfect attendance: Spens Schlicht.
The American Legion school award is given to the top academic girl and boy. They are: Tayla Weber and Rex Schlicht.
Student Council members: junior high – Wesley Linke, Kaitlin Brueske, Collin Schmiedt; freshmen – Spens Schlicht, Jordan Wieting, Tesa Jensen; sophomores – Tristan Ziebart, Bailey Schmiedt, Abby Doering; juniors – Taylor Burkel, Riley Schmiedt, Destiny Brick; seniors – Rex Schlicht, Lacey Christensen and Jacob Fouberg.
Student Council President:   Rex Schlicht.
Math and science awards for four years of math and four years of science, with a grade point average of 3.0 or better: Jacob Fouberg, Brady Tiede, Tayla Weber, Rex Schlicht, McKenzy Peterson, Garrett Larson and Jastyn Ford.
Outstanding English Awards: seniors – Noah Bruce, Garrett Larson, Rex Schlicht, Brady Tiede, Tayla Weber; juniors – Destiny Brick, Taylor Burkel, Aaron Linke, Drew Olinger; sophomores – Alissa Ball, Callie Bezpaletz, Nathan Linke, Trey Weber, Sydney Zeller, Tristan Ziebart; freshmen – Sarah Baysinger, Abigayle Fry, Tesa Jensen, Kadin Schlenker.
Highest achieving girl and boy in the eighth grade class: Wesley Linke and Mariah Jost.
Band Awards
John Philip Sousa Award: Rex Schlicht.
National Marching Band Award: McKenzy Peterson.
Junior High Director’s Award: Andrew Lindgren.
The following eighth through 12th graders received band letters: Alissa Ball, Corey Fink, Abigayle Fry, Ashleigh Fry, Jared Goldammer, Aaron Linke, Nathan Linke, Kyla Morgan, McKenzy Peterson, Ryan Poyer, Kadin Schlenker, Rex Schlicht, Spens Schlicht, Nicholas Snedeker, Shaun Snedeker, Shay Swenson, Matthew Terkildsen, Peyton Uttecht, Devon Weber, Ty Ziebart, Cage Boschee, Carter Linke, Megan Linke, Wesley Linke, Evan Ohlrogge, Brooklyn Swenson, Graceana Terkildsen, Josie Weber and Kaylee White.
Four years of band awards: Rex Schlicht and McKenzy Peterson.
Winterguard letter winners: McKenzy Peterson, Megan Linke, Brooklyn Swenson, Josie Weber, Breanne Brandenburg, Renee Farmer and Adriana Salas.
Chorus Awards
All-State Chorus delegates: Ashleigh Fry, Sydney Zeller, Shay Swenson and Rex Schlicht.
All-State Chorus alternates: Tesa Jensen, Erica Howard, Jordan Weiting, Spens Schlicht.
Region Vocal Contest Mixed Ensemble received a superior rating: Ashleigh Fry, Lauren Johnson, Abi Fry, Sarah Baysinger, Alissa Ball, Tesa Jensen, Megan Poyer, Colton Hotchkiss, Jordan Weiting, Sydney Zeller, Erica Howard, Tristan Ziebart, Tayla Weber, Callie Bezpaletz, Rex Schlicht and Spens Schlicht.
Region Vocal Contest Solos superiors: Ashleigh Fry and Abi Fry.
Choir letter winners: seniors – Rex Schlicht, Tayla Weber; juniors – Colton Hotchkiss, Aaron Linke, Dayna Opsahl, Peyton Uttecht; sophomores – Alissa Ball, Callie Bezpaletz, Ashleigh Fry, Chris Howard, Lauren Johnson, Nathan Linke, Trey Weber, Sydney Zeller, Tristan Ziebart; freshmen –  Sarah Baysinger, Trinity Brick, Abi Fry, Erica Howard, Tesa Jensen, Corbin Kuper, Megan Poyer, Spens Schlicht and Jordan Weiting.
Four years of choir award: Rex Schlicht and Tayla Weber.
Ag and FFA Awards: Outstanding Senior – Garret Larson; Outstanding Junior – Aaron Linke; Outstanding Sophomore – Nathan Linke; Outstanding Freshman –  Nick Snedeker.
Drama: Tesa Jensen, Kyla Morgan, Abi Fry, Jacob Fouberg, Zeb Bruce, Noah Bruce, Shaun Snedeker, Spens Schlicht, Ashleigh Fry, Sarah Baysinger, Alissa Ball, Tristen Ziebart, Megan Poyer, Callie Bezpaletz, Erica Howard, Mason Dice, Trey Weber, Nick Snedeker, Wyatt Feistner, Garrett Larson, Colton Hotchkiss and Dayna Opsahl.
Four year of Drama: Rex Schlicht, Jastyn Ford, McKenzy Peterson and Tayla Weber.
Quiz Bowl plaques: Tayla Weber, Rex Schlicht, McKenzy Peterson, Garrett Larson and Riley Schmiedt.
Academic Bowl: Sarah Baysinger, Noah Bruce, Taylor Burkel, Jacob Fouberg, Garrett Larson, Aaron Linke, Nathan Linke, McKenzy Peterson, Kadin Schlenker, Rex Schlicht, Riley Schmiedt, Brady Tiede and Tristan Ziebart
Senior Spotlight editors: Tayla Weber and Lacey Christensen.
Woonsocket Alumni Scholarship: McKenzy Peterson.
Community Club Scholarship: Rex Schlicht.
Woonsocket Boosters Scholarship: Rex Schlicht.
Maggie Nelson/Bertha and Francis Moran Memorial Scholarship: Rex Schlicht and Tayla Weber.
Kaye Olinger Scholarship: Tayla Weber.
L.J. Van Dyke Memorial Scholarship: Rex Schlicht.
College of Food, Ag., and Natural Resource Sciences Scholarship: Brady Tiede.
Jackrabbit Guarantee Scholarship: Garrett Larson.
Ray Judy Memorial Scholarship: Rex Schlicht.
Lutheran-Methodist Scholarship : Rex Schlicht.
Annis Irene Fowler/Kaden Scholarship: Tayla Weber.
Walter Higbee Scholarship: Tayla Weber.
WolfPACT Scholarship: Jastyn Ford and Noah Bruce.
Huron Area Chamber & Visitors Bureau Ag. Committee Scholarship: Rex Schlicht.
President’s Emerging Scholar Award: Brady Tiede.
SD Army National Guard Minuteman Scholarship: Jacob Fouberg.
Bishop Leadership Academic Scholarship: Rex Schlicht.
Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award: Rex Schlicht and Tayla Weber.
Jill Olson Scholarship: Jacob Fouberg.
Vaprasio Alumni Scholarship: Noah Bruce.
Class of 2016 Salutatorians: Tayla Weber and Garrett Larson. Class of 2016 Valedictorian: Rex Schlicht.
Cross Country letter winners: Malachi Bruce, Spens Schlicht and Rex Schlicht.
MVP Runner: Rex Schlicht
Four years of Cross Country: Rex Schlicht.
Cheerleaders: Dayna Opsahl, Ashleigh Fry, Aleya Fry and Abigayle Fry.
Crystal Schmiedt Spirit Award: Ashleigh Fry.
Girl’s Volleyball letter winners: Tayla Weber, McKenzy Peterson, Bailey Moody, Destiny Brick, Kayla Olson, Breanne Brandenburg, Kyla Morgan, Myah Selland, Maddie Vermeulen, Tristan Ziebart, Abby Doering, Sarah Morgan, Tesa Jensen, Erica Howard, statistician Megan Poyer, and student manager Trista White.
JVTeam awards: Best Practice Player – Sarah Morgan; Most Improved Player – Erica Howard; Miss Versatile – Tristan Ziebart; Most Valuable – Tesa Jensen.
Varsity Team awards: Most Improved Player – Maddie Vermeulen and Kayla Olson; Gym Dandy – McKenzy Peterson; Miss Versatile – Tayla Weber; Hardest Worker – Bailey Moody; Most Valuable Player – Myah Selland.
2016 Class B State Volleyball All-Tournament Team: Myah Selland.
Second Team All-State Volleyball Team: Myah Selland.
Senior awards: McKenzy Peterson and Tayla Weber.
Academic All-State: McKenzy Peterson, Bailey Moody and Tayla Weber.
Major Football letter winners: Josh Feiner, Rex Schlicht, John Witte, Dillon Moore, Tucker Kingsbury, Trinity Brunsen, Trent Kingsbury, Landon Ochsner, Logun Feistner, Drew Olinger, Jacob Fouberg, Chase VonEye, Brady Teide and Garrett Larson.
Minor football letter winners were: Trey Weber, Garrett Dean, Logan Wolter, Wyatt Stevens, Coy Fastnacht, Jordan Hines, Allen Schaller, Riley Schmiedt, Devon Weber, Colton Hotchkiss, Lane Knipfer, Shay Swenson, Eric Ruml, Sawyer Swenson, Noah Hainy, Rylie Stevens, Spens Schlicht, Jordan Wieting, Alex Wormstadt, Trance Schooler, Titus Reiche, Corey Fink, Ethan Johnson, Jordan Linn and Chandler Flowers.
Football statisticians: Myah Selland, Tayla Weber, McKenzy Peterson and Abby Doering.
Seventh and eighth grade football awards: MVP – Wesley Linke; Hustler – Landon Wolter; Most Improved – Cage Boschee.
High school football awards: Best Back – Landon Ochsner; Best Lineman – Chase VonEye; Most Improved – John Witte; Hustler – Garrett Larson; JV MVP -Trey Weber; Big Hitter – Garrett Larson; Blackhawk Leader – Tucker Kingsbury; Blackhawk Leader – Brady Tiede.
9AA All-State awards: Running Back – Landon Ochsner; Guard – Garrett Larson; Defensive Tackle – Chase VonEye; Tight End – Brady Tiede; Defensive Back – Tucker Kingsbury.
Academic All-State awards: Rex Schlicht, Garrett Larson, Jacob Fouberg, Brady Tiede, Josh Feiner, Tucker Kingsbury and Dillon Moore
Seniors: Garrett Larson, Brady Tiede, Jacob Fouberg and Rex Schlicht.
Girls Basketball letter winners: Bailey Moody, Megan Poyer, Abby Vermeulen, Kayla Olson, Maddie Vermeulen, Sarah Morgan, Madi Moody, Tesa Jensen, Tristan Ziebart, Catherine Bechen, Alissa Ball, Sydney Zeller, Abby Doering, Tayla Weber, Erica Howard and Myah Selland.
Girls basketball statisticians: McKenzy Peterson, Kaylee White, Samantha Dean and Katie Schmidt.
Girls basketball student managers: Jaycee Baruth and Jeslyn Moody.
Varsity awards:     Most Valuable Player – Myah Selland; Best Defensive Player – Kayla Olson; Best Practice Player – Tayla Weber; Hustler Award – Maddie Vermeulen; Most Improved Player – Abby Doering.
Junior Varsity awards: Most Valuable Player – Tristan Ziebart; Most Improved Player – Tessa Jensen; Hustler Award – Megan Poyer; Best Defensive Player – Sarah Morgan; Best Practice Player – Alissa Ball.
Senior award: Tayla Weber.
Academic All-State: Tayla Weber, Bailey Moody and McKenzy Peterson.
Myah Selland: First Team Class B All-State, Daily Republic Player of the Year, Argus Leader Top 5 Award and Midco Class B Player of the Year.
Boys basketball letter winners: Trevor Olson, Josh Feiner, Trey Weber, Rex Schlicht, Garrett Larson, Jastyn Ford, Logun Feistner, Garrett Dean, Shay Swenson, Jared Goldammer, Brady Tiede, Trent Kingsbury, Tucker Kingsbury, Wyatt Feistner and Dillon Moore
Varsity awards:     Best FG%, Most Rebounds and MVP – Brady Tiede; Best FT% and Best Offensive Player – Dillon Moore; Most Assists and Best Defensive Player – Tucker Kingsbury; Best Practice Player – Garrett Larson and Jastyn Ford; Hustler Award: Rex Schlicht; Most Improved Player and Best three-point % – Trevor Olson; Most Improved Player – Wyatt Feistner; Most three points made – Josh Feiner.
JV awards: MVP – Trent Kingsbury; Best Offensive Player – Trey Weber; Best Defensive Player – Logun Feistner; Best Practice Player – Garrett Dean; Most Improved Player – Jared Goldammer.
Academic All-State: Tucker Kingsbury, Dillon Moore, Josh Feiner, Brady Tiede, Rex Schlicht and Garrett Larson
Senior awards: Brady Tiede, Rex Schlicht, Garrett Larson and Jastyn Ford.
Wrestling letter winners: Jacob Fouberg, Riley Schmiedt, Bailey Schmiedt, Tyler Eddy and Collin Schmiedt.
Co-Captain Jacob Fouberg, with a record of 21-12, was awarded Most Takedowns and Escapes
Co-Captain Riley Schmiedt, with a record of 30-12 with most pins, was awarded Hardest Worker and Most Dedicated.
Track letter winners: Caycee Guinn, Ellie VonEye, Taylor Lindsey, Kaylee White, Sarah Baysinger, Erica Howard, Spens Schlicht, Jared Goldammer, Trey Weber, Matt Terkildsen, Sydney Zeller, Destiny Brick, Wyatt Feistner, McKenzy Peterson, Rex Schlicht and Tayla Weber
Track student managers: Tristan Ziebart and Peyton Uttecht.
Boys MVP: Rex Schlicht.
Girls MVP: Sydney Zeller.
Sprinter of the Year: Logun Feistner.
Field Event Leader: Wyatt Fesistner.
Newcomer of the Year: Spens Schlicht.
Hustler: Kayla Olson and Trey Weber
Four-year of track: Tayla Weber, Rex Schlicht and McKenzy Peterson.
The Fan of the Year award for 2015-2016 is given to someone who has supported activities and athletics throughout the year, like many in the past. This year’s Fan of the Year was Trudy Larson.

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