Artesian First Lutheran Circle and Quilters meet

Wednesday evening, July 26, the Artesian First Lutheran Circle and Quilters met.
Those present were: Deanna Dean, Donetta Chase, Judi Larson, Wanda Effling, Terry Moore, Jess Ludvik, Ayla Moe and Judy Wormstadt.  The Bible study “It’s My Life” was led by Judy Wormstadt and lunch was served by Judi Larson.
The business meeting was called to order, and Deanna Dean read the treasurer’s report, which was approved. If anyone is going to Huron, there are many items that the WWTS youth and quilters have ready to send to the “Plus One Project.”
Jerolyn Dean and Judy Wormstadt from First Lutheran and Jean Wormstadt and Janet Peskey from Immanuel Lutheran attended the 10th Triennial Gathering of the Women of the ELCA in Minneapolis from July 13-16.  The gals agreed that it was a great experience.
It is once again time for the LWR quilts and kits to be completed. Last year’s totals were 28 quilts, 80 school kits, seven baby care kits, four personal care kits and one pound of soap. The challenge is to meet or beat last year’s numbers.  The school bags and lists of items for all the kits are at the back of the church.
The Snackpack Program is planned again for this school year with Nancy Sullivan and Tambi Wormstadt as the coordinators.  The Fedora Presbyterian Church has asked to be added to the rotation of churches that furnish food for the snackpacks.
WWTS youth group will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 16, and will meet from 5:30-6:45 p.m. each week at First Lutheran Church.  The support of the church youth and ladies for help with the activities and furnishing snacks is very much needed. If you know of any youth, ages kindergarten through sixth grade, please let Judy Wormstadt know at 527-2342.
First Lutheran will be hosting the Unity Service for the Prairie Lutheran Parish on Aug. 20 with a 10:30 a.m. worship service and dinner to follow. Ladies may sign up for dinner items they would like to bring. The council is taking care of the pork sandwiches.
Marti Knudsen is planning a parish choir to sing at the service. Practice schedules are in the church bulletin. The ladies are planning to do a skit.   Hopefully the WWTS youth will sing. Also, the Lutheran Outdoors quilt will available for silent auction bids.
The quilters worked on the Lutheran Outdoors quilt, cut fabric for borders, arranged blocks for a quilt and layered and tied a quilt.

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