Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,
My cousin, Raeburn Grassel Moore, sent me a copy of the Sanborn Weekly Journal  of March 30 with the article and pictures of the quilts made in Sanborn County in 1913.  Raeburn pointed out that both our grandmothers and mother and aunts had signatures on the blocks in the quilts.
I took the paper to our families’ Easter dinner and showed the article to the families of four of our children who live in Minnesota. They were interested in the amazing article and the pictures of the quilts.  One of our sons took an enlarged picture of our relatives’ signatures and emailed them to our other four children and their families in Vermont, Montana, North Carolina and D.C.
I lived in Woonsocket with my parents, Matt and Lorinda Roache, until I was 12 years old and attended St. Joseph’s School.
Kathleen Krumholz

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