Junior high students travel to Platte for music festival

The junior high students from Sanborn Central and Woonsocket who attended the Region V Junior High Music Festival are, front row, left to right: Isaiah Schultz, Michael Hoffman, Jessie Krueger, Carver Lindsey, Gabe Freidel, Bella Fry, Ellie Evans, Sidney Salas, Aubrey Senska, Kailynn Eggleston and Kara Wormstadt; back row: Cooper Goldammer, Brady Larson, Toby Kneen, Brody Miiller, Blake Howard, Coen Harvey, Hannah Terkildsen, Natalie Evans and Kayanah Peterson.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, twenty Sanborn Central and Woonsocket students performed in the Region V Junior High Music Festival in Platte. Eleven students took part in the choir portion and nine participated in the band portion.

The music for the festival is sent to the participating schools a few weeks in advance for the participants to practice. The choir instructor and the band instructor told the students to let the teachers know if they were interested in going to the festival, and the teachers submitted the names of those who were planning on attending, if the students met the criteria needed to participate.

…Read on and see more pictures of the festival in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal.

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