The Rassels rev up for success

Pictured from left to right are: Camden, Dawn and Brenden Rassel, Brenden’s girlfriend, Abbie Smith and Joel Rassel. They are pictured in front of the Monster Jam truck, “El Toro Loco” that Brenden drove in his first Monster Jam truck event.

Camden Rassel of Woonsocket, 15, has been a participant in the racing world since he was six years old. He started with go-carts and has raced them every year until about 18 months ago, when he switched his racing vehicle to a purestock car. And, on Saturday, July 16, he won his first feature race. According to Camden, this is just the start of a stock-car racing career for him, with what he hopes to be more wins to come in his future.

The racing season is primarily from May to mid-August. Camden has been racing every Saturday night in Miller and has done well in many heats, including finishing in the top five in a prior feature race, but has never won a feature race, until Saturday night. In response to how he felt after he realized he had won his first feature, Camden stated, “I felt relieved. I had been fighting to keep my position and the hard work paid off.”

Camden was not forced into the racing world; he comes by it naturally as his older brother, Brenden Rassel, has also been racing since he was five years old and has actually made a career out of the sport.

After graduating from Woonsocket High School in 2015, Brenden followed his dream of being involved in the racing world and traveled to Lima, Ohio to attend school at the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH). While in college there, he earned an associate degree in high performance motorsports and a bachelor’s degree in automotive technical supervision. He is currently working for the UNOH as an admissions enrollment representative. He goes to all events on and off campus to speak on behalf of the university and to try and recruit kids to attend the college. This job gives him opportunities to attend events all over the eastern half of the United States, including Monster Jam, NASCAR, NHRA drag and Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt series racing. The events he attends are mostly in the eastern part of the country, but they have gone as far west as Missouri for an event. 

…Read more details and see additional pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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