Letcher Town Board proceedings

January 29th, 2023

Mayor Mark Chada called the meeting to order with Sean Gromer and Angie Meier in attendance. 

A motion was made by Gromer, seconded by Chada, carried, to approve the January 9th, 2023, minutes as read.

A motion was made by Chada, seconded by Gromer, carried, to approve the financials as presented.

Old Business:

Discussion was held on the letter received from Davison Rural Water in regards to a water increase. After going over numbers, and as of now, the Board will not be raising the water fees. If they receive an increase from Davison Rural Water next year, at that time, there will have to be an increase.

Dawson Construction was contacted, and the next time they plan to come this way, they will be winging back on some of the streets.  Update: Dawson came to town and worked on winging back some of the streets for the town.  

Chada was talked to about seeing if a grant could be applied for to get an Electric Car Charging Station. Discussion was held on where it would be placed; the cost of one needs to be looked into and if there is a grant out there. Meier will be doing some checking into this, and it will be discussed at a meeting at a later time. 

The Board went over dates for meetings for 2023: January 29th,  February 5th and 19th, March 5th and 20th (Equalization Meeting), April 3rd and 17th, May 1st and 15th,  June 5th and 19th,  July 10th and 24th,  August 7th and 21st, September 5th and 18th, October 2nd and 16th, November 6th and 20th, and December 4th and 18th.  Discussion was held on moving the meetings in January, February, and March to Sunday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. due to snow days with school and moving basketball games to other days to make up games. A motion was made by Gromer, seconded by Larson, carried, to approve to move the meetings in January, February, and March to Sunday afternoons at 4:00 p.m.

Discussion was held on Election information for the newspaper and circulating petitions. The election date is April 11th, 2023. Petitions may be picked up January 27th, 2023. Petitions are due back to the Town of Letcher Finance Office on February 24th, 2023, by 5:00 p.m.  Angie Larson’s term is up for re-election. It is a three-year term.

A motion was made by Larson, seconded by Gromer, carried, to approve wages for 2023 as listed:

Mayor – $120.00 per meeting;

Trustee – $100.00 per meeting; 

Finance Officer – $18.50 per hour;

Water Superintendent/Tester – $600.00 monthly salary;

Custodian – $18.50 per hour;

Meter Reader – $90.00 per month;

Lost Time – $30.00 per hour;

Mileage Reimbursement – $0.51

Grounds/Summer Help – $12-$15.00 per hour DOE;

Annual Report – $700.00;

Maintenance – $600.00 monthly salary;

West Nile – $100.00 a time.

A motion was made by Larson, seconded by Gromer, carried, to approve the Official Newspaper and Lawyer for the Town of Letcher for 2023 as listed:

Official Newspaper – Sanborn Weekly Journal;

Lawyer for 2023 – Tim Bottum with Morgan Theeler LLP.

A current listing of the Letcher Volunteer Fire Department personnel has been received. The current listing is: Curtis Adams, Sean Gromer, Tara Morris, Chuck Amick, Cassidy Hinker, Aaron Roth, Clay Amick, Cote Hinker, Kenny Stach, Darin Amick, Ed Hoffman, Bob Steckel, Dave Brooks, Mark Jensen, Brett Stekl, Mason Bruns, Shana Jensen, Lacey Swenson, Rod Clarambeau, Sam Kretschmar, Cindy VanLaecken, Andy Ettswold, Matt Meier, Murray VanLaecken, Melanie Ettswold, Rich Moe, Jeremy White, Denny Fouberg, Shawn Moody, Mike Salathe, Carter Star and Kurt Stekl.

New Business:

Discussion was held on paperwork sent from Planning and Developments District III with a map asking if any alignment changes and/or curb and gutter changes have been made. No changes have been in the last year.  

Discussion was held on the water sample report.  

A motion was made by Gromer, seconded by Chada, carried, to approve the following claims for payment:

GENERAL AND WATER/SEWER:  Faye Blindauer – $170.85 – Wages – Custodian – December, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield – $2,686.43 – Health Insurance, Runnings – $2.80 – Supplies, Davison Rural Water – $2,353.95 – Water Used, NorthWestern Energy – $1,174.29 – Utilities – Electric: Rossy Park – $27.77, Community Center/Fire Hall – $204.28, Lagoon – $15.00, Street Lights – $593.62, Lift  Station – $66.11, Water Valve – $10.46, Water Plant – $257.05, South Dakota Association of Towns and Townships – $169.25 – Membership Dues 2023, U.S. Bank – $6,289.72 – Sewer Loan Payment, United States Treasury – $1,424.93 – Quarterly Taxes.

The next board meeting will be held on February 5th, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. at the Town Office.

Angie Meier

Finance Officer

Published once on February 9, 2023, at the total approximate cost of $51.00 and may be viewed free of charge at www.sdpublicnotices.com.

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