New security system installed at Sanborn Central

Anyone who visits the Sanborn Central School during the day, will be met with a new security camera and entrance system. According to Superintendent Justin Siemsen, the new system was purchased with federal funding the school received due to the COVID pandemic. He stated that the administration and school board discussed a number of items that would make a positive impact on the building facility. When asked about the implementation of the new system, Siemsen reported, “With the location of our school and the distance from any potential assistance from law enforcement, it was decided that some extra security measures would be helpful.”

The school reached out to Paul Clagget of Eternal Security Systems, and together they came up with a plan to install an added layer of security to the building. Siemsen explained, “Extra cameras were installed in our entrance area, along with a secured door that can only be opened from within our office. This allows our personnel to see who is at our door and determine if they are a threat to enter or someone who would be just fine to allow into the building. Despite some early difficulties with the logistics, like making sure someone is available to answer the ring and let them in or not, it has been a beneficial addition to our building. It has created a new layer of safety that all those within our walls can appreciate.”

…See pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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