Sanborn Central Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes of School Board Meeting

The School Board of Sanborn Central School District 55-5 met in regular session on Monday, February 13, 2023, at 7:02 p.m. in the Sanborn Central library with the following present: Curtis Adams, Clayton Dean, Emma Klaas, Mark Goral, and Gary Spelbring Jr. Others present were Superintendent Justin Siemsen, Elementary/Middle School Principal Connie Vermeulen and Business Manager Gayle Bechen.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Visitors to Board Meeting: None. 

Motion by Adams, seconded by Goral, all aye, to approve the agenda as amended. 53-2022/2023. Approve the purchase of two CDs $100,000 from Capital Outlay, $150,000 from General Fund in conjunction with cashing out of current CD. Amended to read: 53-2022/2023. Approve the purchase of two CDs $100,000 from Capital Outlay and $150,000 from General Fund.

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting held on January 9, 2023, as printed.

Motion by Spelbring, seconded by Klaas, all aye, to approve the Financial Statement and bills.    

General Fund balance, January 1, 2023: $1,037.387.69. Receipts: taxes $4,738.64, penalties/interest $145.13, interest $204.45, admission $818.00, other pupil $3.75, other $868.91, state fines $592.62, state aid January $71,874.00, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program $91.66, ESSER III $5,171.00. Expenditures: $160,960.81, manual journal entry $938.58. Balance, January 31, 2023: $959,996.46. CorTrust Savings balance, January 1, 2023: $50,587.70. Receipts: interest $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00.  Balance, January 31, 2023: $50,587.70. 

Capital Outlay Fund balance, January 1, 2023: $700,773.45. Receipts: taxes $447.67, penalties/interest $13.81, interest $148.69.  Expenditures: $1,011.83. Balance, January 31, 2023: $700,371.79. CD $50,000.00.

Special Education Fund balance, January 1, 2023: $502,777.71. Receipts: taxes $746.67, penalties/interest $23.03, interest $102.23. Expenditures: $18,008.95, manual journal entry $276.30. Balance, January 31, 2023: $485,364.39. 

Food Service Fund balance, January 1, 2023: $20,754.96. Receipts: interest $4.65, student meals $7,018.40, adult meals $483.95, ala carte $3,252.75, federal reimbursement $2,994.94, miscellaneous revenue $56.48. Expenditures: $14,765.68. Balance, January 31, 2023: $19,800.45.

Enterprise Fund balance, January 1, 2023: $15,700.58. Receipts: interest $4.65, tuition $1,425.00. Expenditures: $4,308.12. Balance, January 31, 2023: $12,822.11.

Custodial Funds balance, January 1, 2023: $75,016.70. Receipts: $445.92. Expenditures: $5,493.41. Balance, January 31, 2023: $69,969.21.

Scholarship Fund balance, January 1, 2023: $8,730.37. Receipts: interest $1.74. Expenditures: $0.00. Balance, January 31, 2023: $8,732.11. Peters Scholarship balance: $8,732.11.

Salaries and benefits for the month of February 2023 were as follows: 

General Fund: $158,392.27; 

Special Education: $20,955.31; 

Food Service: $9,394.74; 

Enterprise Fund: $4,415.77.

Claims approved: GENERAL FUND – A-Ox Welding, cylinder rent $37.26, two-cylinder five-year leases $295.95; AALCO Athletic Equipment, tool for basketball hoops $95.00; Brooks Oil Co., LP $4,491.01, unleaded gas $2,897.44; Capital One, elementary supply $8.20, middle school supply $8.20, high school supply $8.20, superintendent supply $26.56, high school principal supply $7.44, elementary/middle school principal supply $7.44; CarQuest, bus supply $442.48, suburban supply $34.48; Central Electric, December/January electricity $8,040.80; Chesterman Co., pop $63.77; Clayton’s Repair, bus labor $180.00; Cole Paper, janitor supply $1,892.40; CorTrust, air cards $90.00, superintendent wellness challenge supply $65.29, front office phone module $69.90, elementary/middle school principal supply $25.98; Dawson Construction, garbage service January-March $1,023.63; Direct Digital Control Inc., tech support $125.00; Farmers Elevator, diesel $3,974.67; Susan Farrell-Poncelet, reimburse postage/supply interlibrary books $116.54;

[IMPREST FUND: Matt Clark, doubleheader basketball referee/mileage $148.05; CorTrust, middle school/high school student of the quarter gift cards $70.00; Hanson School, junior varsity girls basketball tournament fee $75.00; Carrie Howard, two doubleheader basketball junior varsity/varsity clock $180.00; Erica Howard, doubleheader basketball junior varsity/varsity shot clock $90.00; Brad McGirr, doubleheader basketball referee $120.00; Jordan Opp, doubleheader basketball referee $120.00; Joel Osborn, doubleheader basketball referee $120.00; Mike Ruth, doubleheader basketball referee $120.00; Greg Stroh, doubleheader basketball referee/mileage $196.50; Wagner Basketball Boosters, seventh/eighth boys basketball tournament fee $50.00; Bobbi White, two doubleheader basketball varsity head book $140.00];

Jones Supply, janitor supply $169.74; K&D Busing, football/basketball shared busing $4,030.71; Lonny Kaiser, janitor supply $26.60; Menards, janitor supply $113.49, shop supply $225.13; Mendez Foundation, guidance supply $30.24; Mid-Dakota Technologies, January tech support $170.00; Morris Electric LLC, gym camera outlet $189.59; Performance Foodservice, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program $1,348.68; Petty Cash, postage $54.22; Public Health Laboratory, water test $15.00; Quill, colony ink $105.60; Sam’s Club, membership $50.00; Sanborn Central Food Service, lunch supervision January meals $97.00, lunch supervision ala carte $24.00; Sanborn Weekly Journal, board proceedings $77.96; Santel Communications, January phone/fax $215.70; Schoenfish & Co., 2021-22 audit services $8,800.00; School Administrators of South Dakota, superintendent legislative banquet $44.00; South Dakota Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, conference registration $80.00, South Dakota High School Coaches Association membership $60.00, South Dakota Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association/National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association membership $150.00; Mark VanOverschelde, postage water test $112.45; Wessington Springs School, one-third football expenses $3,529.78; Williams Musical & Office Equipment, instrument repair $50.00; Woonsocket School, one-third football expenses $2,998.13. 

CAPITAL OUTLAY Fund — A&B Business, copier lease $1,011.83; Direct Digital Control, upgrade air controls $50,000.00; Jones Supply, tilt truck one cubic yard $1,200.00. 

SPECIAL EDUCATION Fund – Children’s Home Society, December tuition $2,062.24, January tuition $2,706.69; Petty Cash, postage $7.10; Quill Corp, ink cartridges $54.47. 

FOOD SERVICE Fund – Bimbo Bakeries, bread $96.00; Capital One, food $112.04, supply $24.20; Child/Adult Nutrition Services, processed commodities $829.41; Cole Paper Inc., supply $129.17; CorTrust, paper goods $60.44; Darrington Water Conditioning, January SS tank $28.00; Eastside Jersey Dairy, milk $776.00; Edutrak LLC, lunch software $2,018.50; Performance Foods, supply $1,409.68, food $6,293.07, ala carte $687.20; Petty Cash, postage $1.68; Quill, ink cartridge $136.85, plastic silverware $1,429.80; Woony Foods, food $6.59. 


Mr. Siemsen reported on the following: 

• The week of February 6th-10th was National School Counselor’s week. To recognize Ms. Amundson and all the positive work she does, Mrs. Vermeulen organized a “Thank You” bulletin board where all the students were asked to write things they appreciate from her on a note card, and they were posted for everyone to see. The Board appreciates all Ms. Amundson’s efforts in providing guidance to the students.

• The staff at Sanborn Central would like to recognize the board members, Clayton Dean, Gary Spelbring, Emma Klaas, Curtis Adams, and Mark Goral, for their service and dedication to the district during the official School Board Recognition Week, February 20th-24th. These people are great examples of what it means to be in service of a school district, choosing to be a leading force in making Sanborn Central a great place to learn and grow. 

• Siemsen went to Pierre for Superintendent Day on February 1st. Discussions were held with the Secretary of Education and other superintendents regarding the certification process and potential legislative issues. 

• Direct Digital Control is working on the system upgrade, and the work will continue through next week. 

• Representatives from Dalsin’s Roofing were on site to evaluate the leaks the school has in the roof. They will have to run some tests in the spring, but they believe the issue is an area that got dammed up (close to a foot in depth) near where the gym meets the school building, and water got underneath, during a thawing and leaked. When they perform the water test to determine what it is, the school will have to address it. It does not appear to be related to any work they were associated with. 

• The outside unit, tied to the mini split, for the preschool rooms needs replacement. Central Electric has one on hand for the school when it is decided to be installed. 

• FFA Week is scheduled from February 20-24. The members are planning to carry out a number of activities throughout the week culminating with the AG Olympics, held in Woonsocket this year on February 24th at 2:15 p.m. 

• Legislative update: A number of bills pertaining to education are being presented. The lobbyists are working hard to make school district interests known through the session. 

• The Board was presented with information regarding a potential plan to offer music classes in conjunction with other school districts, facilitated through the Huron School District. This option, should it become viable, would be a combination of on-site instruction and off-site at the Huron Community Campus. More investigation into this proposed option will be provided in March. 

• Sad news: former staff member Josh Trandall lost his battle with ALS. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. 

• Also, thoughts and prayers go out to the Title I teacher, Chayna Jones, as she is dealing with medical issues, being hospitalized.

Mrs. Vermeulen reported: 

• Four representatives from grades third through sixth participated in the Mitchell Regional Spelling Bee on February 4. 

• A representative from “Call to Freedom” will speak to students in grades seventh through 12th on February 22. The assembly will focus on human trafficking, personal and societal risk factors, and identifying social media risks. Parents have been e-mailed and asked to contact Vermeulen if they do not want their child to attend. 

• School will dismiss at 12:30 p.m. on Friday – Staff development will be that afternoon “Better Lesson.” There will be no school on February 20.             

Discussion Items: 

• A review of the district’s annual audit with the entire board was discussed. 

• Certified staff would like to exchange preliminary proposals for the annual negotiations, ahead of the April Board of Education meeting. 

Old Business: None.

New Business:

Motion by Goral, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to approve the purchase of two CDs $100,000 from Capital Outlay and $150,000 from General Fund. 

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to approve the proposed calendars for the 2023-2024 school year with the understanding that there may be adjustments needed.

Motion by Spelbring, seconded by Adams, all aye, to go into executive session SDCL 1-25-2(1) to evaluate the business manager and discuss personnel items with possible motions to follow in at 7:50 p.m. Regular session resumed at 8:36 p.m.

Regular Board meeting to be held on Monday, March 13, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanborn Central School building.  

Motion by Spelbring, secondedd by Adams, all aye, to adjourn the meeting at 8:37 p.m.

Gayle Bechen

Business Manager

Clayton Dean

Board Chair

Published once on February 23, 2023, at the total approximate cost of $125.50 and may be viewed free of charge at


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