Woonsocket School Board proceedings

OCTOBER 8, 2012
The Woonsocket Board of Education met in regular session on October 8th, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the library/media center of the Woonsocket School. Members attending were: Gary Steichen, Todd Olinger and Jason White. Jim Grassel was out of town and Darrin Uttecht was absent due to a family emergency. Others attending were Superintendent Rod Weber, Principal Paula Lynch, Lynn Klaas and Chris Selland. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.
On a motion by Todd Olinger, seconded by Jason White, the Board approved the meeting agenda as presented.   Motion carried.
The minutes of the regular board meeting held on September 10, 2012 were approved as presented on a motion by Gary Steichen, seconded by Jason White.  Motion carried.
On a motion by Jason White, seconded by Todd Olinger, the Board approved the claims presented and the September 2012 financial report as follows:  Motion carried.
GENERAL FUND beginning balance: $937,477.26.  Add receipts: Taxes $27,727.22; Interest $911.68; Other local $2,235.32; State $44,897.00; Federal $5,343.00;   Total to be accounted for:  $1,018,591.48;  less disbursements $106,840.03; Cash balance: $911,751.45; Fund balance: $911,751.45.
CAPITAL OUTLAY beginning balance: $378,373.61.  Add receipts:  Taxes $1,345.29;  Other local $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $379,718.90;  less disbursements $6,746.89; Cash balance: $372,972.01; Fund balance:  $372,972.01.
SPECIAL EDUCATION:  Beginning balance:  $199,207.37. Add receipts:  Taxes $753.43;  Other Local $0.00; State $0.00;  Federal $0.00;  Total to be accounted for: $199,960.80; less disbursements $8,146.82; Cash balance: $191,813.98; Fund balance: $191,813.98.
PENSION beginning balance: $135,144.06. Add receipts:  Taxes $161.42; Total to be accounted for: $135,305.48; less disbursements $0.00. Fund balance: $135,305.48.
FOOD SERVICE beginning balance: $21,800.01.  Add receipts: Pupil receipts $4,334.25; Adult receipts $240.00: Milk receipts $59.60;  Ala ’Carte receipts $466.65; Interest $.87; Other local $0.00;  State $50.00; Federal reimbursement $3,831.68; Total to be accounted for: $30,783.06; less disbursements $12,764.45; Cash  balance: $18,018.61;  Fund balance: $18,018.61.
ENTERPRISE FUND #53 beginning balance: $2,054.47. Add receipts: $2,255.00; less disbursements $43.06; Fund balance: $4,266.41.
TRUST AND AGENCY beginning balance: $19,380.29. Add receipts: Interest $.83; Pupil activities $5,036.64; Total to be accounted for: $24,417.76; less disbursements $1,894.60;  Fund balance $22,523.16.
Salaries and benefits for the month of September 2012 were as follows:
General Fund: $87,695.43
Special Education: $7101.73
Food Service: $5,300.31
General Fund
AT&T, Cell Phone 101.97
Best Western Ramkota Inn, Lodging – Business Manager Conference 171.98
Bruce, Jessica, Reimbursement – Classroom Magazines 89.00
City of Woonsocket, Water Service 83.20
Clayton, John,     Reimbursement – Camera Tripod – Gym 133.39
Darin’s Market, Supplies 189.16
Delvaux, Rosemarie, Reimbursement – Homecoming Float  Supplies 14.29
Dial Corporation, 2012-2013 Membership 600.00
Express Stop, Gas – Mini-Bus/Mower/Vehicles 975.97
Foreman Sales & Service, Inc., Regular Route (4,066) – Co-Curricular 11,304.86 (642)
Frey Scientific, High School Science Supplies 17.40
General Parts, Replacement Switch 59.97
Gross, Shane, Reimbursement – Float Supplies 11.81
Hauff Mid-America Sports, Inc., Volleyballs 304.80
Hillyard, Custodian Supplies 660.37
[Imprest Fund September Claims 774.60
Action Club, Cross-Country Fee $5.00
Coleman/Egan School, Cross-Country Fee $5.00
DeSmet High School, Cross-Country Fee $10.00
Dockendorf, Pat, Referee – Football $75.00
Even, Dusty, Referee – Football $75.00
Hanssen, Gene, Referee – Football $75.00
Howard School, Cross-Country Fee $5.00
McGregor,  Seth, Referee – Football $75.00
Parmelee, Preston, Referee/Mileage – Football $129.60
Ruedebusch, Jim, Referee – Volleyball $75.00
Sanborn County Treasurer,  Title/Plate Fee – Mini-Bus $14.00
Thelen, Dan, Referee/Mileage – Volleyball $96.00
US Post Office, Postage Expense $135.00
Total Imprest Claims: $774.60]
Kleppin, Lynette , Reimbursement – Car Wash (School Van) 10.00
KO’s Pro Service, Vehicle Maintenance/Fan Belts 20.83
Larson, Pat, Reimbursement – Library Books 119.43
Menards, Shop/Custodian Supplies 65.64
Mid-Central Co-op, Online Classes 1,050.00
Moody, Kami, Family Pass Refund – Wepc Officer  80.00
NorthWestern Energy, Electric Service 2,393.17
R&L Sanitary Service, Sanitary Services – Football 390.00
Ramada Inn, Lodging – School Board Convention  594.00
Readers Den, Library Books 127.36
Sanborn Weekly Journal, Graduation Programs and Comp./Subscriptions 367.35
Santel Communications, Phone/Cable/Internet – Computer Repairs 766.76
Scholastic, Elementary/Pre-K Subscriptions 246.68
School Specialty, High School Supplies 29.43
Sdassp, High School Principal Dues 50.00
Selland, Crystal, Mileage – Business Conference 100.80
TC Enterprises, Electrical Services 283.70
VanDenHemel, James, Reimbursement – Shop Supplies 19.05
Walmart, Journalism Supplies 24.85
Waste Management of Huron, Garbage Service 516.68
Wheelers Business Products, High School Supplies 71.14
Williams Music & Office, Instrument Repairs/Books 425.23
Fund Total: 23,244.87
Capital Outlay
A&B Business Equipment, Copier Lease/Colored Copies 1,210.80
Dramstads Refrigeration, Air Conditioner – Elementary Principal Office,     953.66
Heil Electric, Scoreboard Wiring/Electrical Repairs 10,369.92
Wordware, Food Service Software/Equipment 3,379.51
Fund Total: 15,913.89
Special Education
Parent/Guardian, Mileage – Special Education    159.10
Jenssen, Gloria, Transportation Services-Special Education 24.70
Lifequest, Client Services 4,748.53
Fund Total: 4,932.33
Enterprise Fund #53
Scholastic, Pre-K Subscriptions 110.11
Wheelers Business Products, Printer – Pre-K 380.57
Fund Total: 490.68
Food Service
Ameripride Services, Laundry Service 20.00
Bebout, Julie, Reimbursement – Kitchen Supplies 79.44
Chemical Sanitizing Systems, Dishwasher Rent 98.00
Cwd, Food/Supplies 5,496.76        Darin’s Market, Supplies 9.69        Earthgrains Company, Food 155.08
Variety Food, Food 357.09            Fund Total: 6,216.06
Chris Selland gave the financial report.
The volleyball standards have been replaced at a cost of $3,874.00 with a generous donation from the Athletic Boosters. The new standards have a lifetime guarantee. The Board and staff  thanked the Boosters for their ongoing support.
Superintendent Weber advised that our enrollment is at 186 students, up from 181 last May and we have welcomed a new junior student this past week.
Discussion was held also on the asbestos removal from the boiler system that was completed over the weekend and plans for the required boiler repairs to be completed in the next few days.  Superintendent Weber has researched several options to replace the boiler system, but costs were prohibitive so we will continue with the current system as long as parts and repairs are available.
We have had our first tutor day of the year and it went well.
A new co-op school song has been developed and will be used for co-op activities. The Woonsocket District will retain its original school song for all other non-co-op activities, graduation, etc.
The school and students helped welcome Mr. Bill Fagan, who has walked here from Woonsocket, Rhode Island over the past four years and an assembly was held upon his reaching town. We have received a $250.00 donation from Mr. Fagan and his wife and it will be used for physical education equipment.
Principal Paula Lynch updated the Board about fire prevention week and upcoming elementary activities.
Motion was made by Jason White, with a second by Todd Olinger, to approve the new Blackhawk co-op school song to be played at sporting events.  Motion carried.
Motion was made by Gary Steichen, with a second by Todd Olinger, to approve the asbestos abatement proposal from Gary Snow and Associates for $12,485.00. This must be done prior to the repair work needed as per the latest boiler inspection report. The repairs will be made as soon as possible. Motion carried.
Motion was made  by Jason White, with a second by Todd Olinger, to approve an operating transfer in the amount of $10,000.00 from the General Fund to Enterprise Fund  #53 (Pre-K and Drivers Education). The state has mandated that Pre-K and Drivers Education revenues and expenses be separated out from the General Fund, but these programs are not nor have they ever been financially self-sufficient.  Motion carried.
There being no further business to come before the Board, the October 8, 2012 regular meeting of the Woonsocket Board of Education was officially adjourned at 7:26 p.m. on a motion made by Todd Olinger, with a second by Jason White.  Motion carried.
Vice Chairman
Business Manager

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