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Be Your Own Superman

Two Jewish teenagers developed a comic book in 1938, during the Depression era when feelings of powerlessness existed and the fear of Adolph Hitler and war were on the horizon. This comic book gave rise to hope and eventually years later became a T.V show.  This creation was named “SUPERMAN.”
When I was a little girl I saw the very first episode of the new series called “SUPERMAN.” We didn’t have a T.V back then, in fact no one in the whole neighborhood did. An old couple who had no children finally got a T.V.  Gil was in a wheelchair and I suppose that was a way for him to keep in touch with the world.  They so graciously and generously invited the neighborhood children in to watch T.V. one day.  Mae served us home baked cookies as we watched.  As this new kids’ show began, I remember the words so well:  “Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! It’s SUPERMAN!”
I was hooked, as was every other kid in the room, in every other living room all across the country.  And to be truthful, I’m still hooked.
Yes, I went to the new movie out about Superman, “MAN OF STEEL.” It was much different than sitting and eating cookies with the neighborhood children.  I had popcorn and M&Ms, but sitting there with other people I didn’t know, I was transported back to September of 1952 sitting on the floor of the Ohlson’s living room with my friends and knowing that somewhere out there, there were people from another planet co-existing with us. I never doubted it for a minute ever after. And the greatest lesson of all was that there are powers in all of us that can help others.  I think about an old couple, one in a wheelchair, that used their powers to help the neighborhood children see the future. They had no idea where that show would lead us, or teach us… or did they?
I didn’t remember what the “S” stood for, I only thought it stood for Superman, but in “Man of Steel” I was reminded. On Krypton it stood for HOPE. Parents of a dying planet wanted their child to live and to help those of another planet to live and co-exist in the universe.  Isn’t that what we all want… to live in peace and harmony, to co-exist with others on our own planet as well as those on distant stars, when we encounter them. I believe that we are our own SUPERMAN or SUPERWOMAN.  We have these qualities in our DNA, just like Superman. It is why we are here… simply to learn to LOVE.  There will always be an antagonist in life, but we have the tools within ourselves to be our own Superman and to overcome the frustration and anger and move on to love. Sometimes it helps to have a Lois Lane to show us the better part of ourselves and to help reveal what is already inside us. Yes, I’m still hooked on Superman, because it is the story of ourselves, the constant struggle to balance out the darkness with the light.
I’ve been on a journey the last couple of years to find the truth. What I’ve found is that we all have our own truth. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that I must speak my truth even if it makes others uncomfortable in theirs. It is not wrong, it is not right, but it is mine. Superman had a similar situation until circumstances caused him to speak his truth. So, go forth and find the Superman within yourself.  Learn what your truth really is.  Reach inside, don’t be afraid, for the universe needs each of us to awaken.
From the floor of an old couple’s living room to the cushy seat of a movie theater, the story continues and each generation gets the Superman they deserve.
If you decide to attend “MAN OF STEEL,” I hope you will look at it as more than a cartoon movie.  I didn’t attend the 3D version, not because it cost more, but because I wanted it to be as close to that first T.V. episode I saw as it could be.  It is NOT just a kids’ movie, it is a movie for your soul. Thank you, Gil and Mae Ohlson for giving me the chance to see the future from your living room.

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