Woonsocket City Council proceedings

January 7, 2013

7:00 p.m.
The regular meeting of the Woonsocket City Council was called to order by Mayor Lindy Peterson at 7:00 p.m. Monday, January 7, 2013 in the Woonsocket City Council Room with the following members present: Richard Reider, Richard Regynski, John Ames, Don Schmidt, Brandon Goergen and Jim Steichen.
Motion by Ames, seconded by Schmidt, to approve the agenda. Motion carried.
A Citizen met with the council in regards to ordinance 93-19. Court date will be bumped back and a plan has to be filed with the City in regards to fixing their fence to assure that their animals don’t get out and run at large.
Motion by Goergen, seconded by Steichen, to approve the minutes of the December 3, 2012 meeting. Motion carried.
Motion by Regynski, seconded by Steichen, to approve the financial report. Motion carried.
Motion by Regynski, seconded by Schmidt, to pay the following end of the year bills.
Zee Medical Group, $63.70 Shop
Wheelers Business Products,  $423.92 Supplies
Wayne Feistner, $2,900.00 Streets
TC Enterprises, $127.39 Well House
Sanborn Weekly Journal, $117.26 Publishing
Santel Communications,  $273.96 Phone
SPN, $2,500.00 Flood Plain
Department of Revenue, $1,793.00 Water
Supplemental Retirement, $180.00 Steve
Runnings Supply, $14.97 Shop
PowerPlan, $1,512.00 Shop – RDO
MC&R Pools, $1,395.00 Pool Closing
Michael Todd, $294.92 Snow
McFarland, $54.28 Shop
Northwest Pipe Fittings, $94.36 Shop
NorthWestern Power Service, $2,096.65 utilities
SD Secretary of State, $30.00 Notory Seal
Larson & Nipe, $290.00 Professional
Local Lumber, $8.55 Shop
KO’s Pro Service, $48.60 Shop
Hawkins, $20.00 Water
Fastenal, $31.61 Shop
Farmer’s Alliance, $1,340.55 Propane
Brian Feistner, $4,567.50 Streets
NAPA, $55.08 Shop
Express Stop, $323.62 Shop
Express 2, $383.19 Shop
Darin’s Market, $120.72 Shop
First National Bank South Dakota  $1,684.80 Payroll Tax
SD Retirement Plan, $901.32 Retirement
Department of Revenue,  $188.89 Sales Tax
JD Concrete, $459.00 Parks
Tara Weber, $76.80 Mileage
Waste Management,  $7,500.84 Two Months
Hinker Trenching, $6,500.00 Air Compressor
Total: $38,372.48
Motion by Reider, seconded by Ames, to approve the following January 2013 bills.  Motion carried.
Department of Energy and Natural Resources,  $750.00 Wastewater Permit
Department of Energy and Natural Resources,  $48.00 Steve and Richard License
SD Water and Wastewater Association,  $20.00 Steve & Richard License
Doug’s Custom Paint & Body,  $15,255.54 Mowers
Planning & Development,  $1,163.00 Membership
Total: $17,236.54
Council discussed the dock. Peterson and Regynski will go up and measure it out prior to the next meeting.
Employee Evaluation. Tabled.
Council discussed the Audit. Weber informed the Council of the initial findings.
Council discussed a surplus sale. Tabled.
Council discussed the cemetery road. Tabled.
Council discussed the water meters. Tabled.
Council discussed the Fireworks Ordinance. Tabled
Motion by Schmidt, seconded by Regynski, to match the State Rate Reimbursement.  Motion carried.
Motion by Goergen, seconded by Regynski, to set the election date as April 9, 2013 at the community center.  Motion carried.
Motion by Schmidt, seconded by Regynski, to approve the purchase of air compressor from Hinker Trenching for $6,500.00. Motion carried.
Motion by Reider, seconded by Goergen, to approve the following wages for 2013.
Richard Jensen, $16.95 per hour;
Steve Tiede, $15.10 per hour;
Tara Weber, $14.10 per hour;
Donald Jemming, $665.00 per month;
Jeanette Luthi, $50.00 per month;
Summer Help, $8.00 per hour start, $.25 for every year worked;
Lifeguards, $8.00 per hour start, $.25 for certification, $.25 for every year worked;
Mayor, $2,400.00 per year;
Council Member, $1,000.00 per year;
Coach, $2,000.00 per year girls/boys.
Council held discussions on Jake brakes, getting sand on icy roads and in high traffic areas and a house for the fire department to use for training.
Motion by Reider, seconded by Ames, to enter into Executive Session to discuss contractual matters at 9:00 p.m. Motion carried.
Motion by Schmidt, seconded by Steichen, to exit Executive Session at 9:50 p.m. Motion carried.
With no further business to be discussed. Motion by Reider, seconded by Schmidt, to adjourn the meeting at 9:55 p.m. Meeting adjourned.
Lindy Peterson
Tara Weber
Finance Officer

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